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Bridesmaids to the rescue!

Since childhood, we girls dream of that moment when we’ll be dressed in a wedding outfit and jewelry. Closer to the D-day, it becomes essential to have a friend by your side: someone who can understand the anticipation that follows when a dream is being fulfilled.


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You can’t mess with the bride, ‘coz her bridesmaids got her back! Here we list down the tasks of a bridesmaid and the top 3 reasons why the bride-to-be needs to have at least one bridesmaid to fall back on!

A bridesmaid’s task:
– Going for dress-fitting with the bride, planning her bachelorette party, choreographing dances, writing speeches, etc.
– Packing emergency supplies for every event – not just for the bride, but for other bridesmaids as well. Staples like aspirin, bobby pins, safety pins, and anti-nausea medication go a long way.
– Feeding you and keeping you hydrated every now and then is one of the main tasks of a bridesmaid. Sneak some candy or nuts in your bag to bide the time without making the bride’s stomach rumble.

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Top 3 reasons to have a bridesmaid:
1) A confidante
When you are undergoing the Bridezilla syndrome, your bridesmaid can come to the rescue by becoming your confidante. And perhaps, give you superb advice on how to hide that last-minute stain on your dress!

2) Shopping partner
Shopping can really take a toll on a bride-to-be, but a bridesmaid can not only aid you in choosing the right colors for your outfits and matching jewelry to go along with it, she can also make the entire process a bit more bearable and even fun!

3) Shoulder to cry on
Picture yourself throwing a tantrum over the wedding décor that you caught a glimpse of right before the function. Won’t it feel great to have someone to calm you down and bring you a refreshing drink with a straw (so that your lipstick doesn’t wear off)? Only a bridesmaid could be this thoughtful!

bridesmaids the wedding script dubai blog

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From being attentive to your needs, supporting your decisions and calming your fears, your bridesmaid can prove to be of great help to you while you deal with all that wedding stress. And the best thing is, you’ll have an entourage of girls dressed to match your wedding outfit. After all, girlfriends are an extension of a girl!

Lots of love and positive vibes,

Namrata The Scriptwriter

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