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Brides: Keep Calm and Enjoy your Wedding!

It is quite usual for a bride to turn into a “bridezilla” before and during her wedding functions. The preparations and long functions can be over-whelming and tiring for her, which is why most people say that one cannot enjoy at their own wedding. However, worry not! Here are some tips to become a calm and chilled out bride, so you can enjoy your functions like a pro!

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  1. It’s okay to NOT be perfect!

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Brides often have a tendency to expect perfection in everything, from their outfits, jewelry and make-up, to the venues, decorations, events, and so much more. It is important to accept that flaws and imperfections are inevitable at times. So just relax, and embrace all the experiences that are unique to your wedding, as they’ll be engraved in your memories forever.

  1. Space out wedding functions

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This applies to desi/ Indian weddings specially, where the celebrations run for a week usually, if not longer. This schedule can totally squeeze the energy out of not just the bride, but also the families and guests. It would be ideal to space out the functions to allow enough time for rest, so that no one’s drained out by the end of the celebrations.

  1. Sleep well

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All the wedding preparations and events can be quite intimidating and tiring. Even though there’ll be irresistible temptations to stay up to enjoy the night-outs and midnight conversations with cousins and friends, it is important to understand that the bride is expected to do much more on the actual functions and needs to appear fresh and radiant.

  1. Organization and pre-planning

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Pre-planning is of absolute importance when handling a project like a wedding. Make a list of all the tasks in order of priority, and follow it through. Planning in advance and delegating tasks would help reduce surprises and stress during the main days. This could include every detail from make-up trials, car arrangements, food/drinks, photo-shoots, etc., all the way to the final wrap up and payments. Take the help of event organizers if possible, who’ll assist in breaking each task down and following up will become easier. Prepare contingency kits that include essentials such as safety pins, extra shoes, make-up for touch-ups, tissues, etc., that’ll aid in any emergency situation.

  1. Delegate work and trust others with it

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Brides often become obsessed with minute details, and eventually become control freaks. This is usually because brides often have very specific expectations and requirements on the appearance and execution of their Big Day! However, practically it’s not possible or even feasible for the bride to be everywhere – from supervision of the decorators, photographers, to any other event arrangements. Hence, brides should learn to trust their close family/friends to do a good job with the arrangements. Alternatively, an event planner can also be hired to take the stress off the shoulders and ease out the process.

  1. Food is fuel!

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It is quite common for brides to eat less or skip meals during their functions, which eventually results in weakness. This could be due to various reasons, including heavy attire, constantly posing for the guests and cameras, shyness, etc. Nonetheless, brides should ensure to eat food when offered, or ask for it when hungry. After all, what’s a wedding without hogging on delicious food?! And it really doesn’t matter how many people or cameras are looking at you!

  1. Ignore Negativity!

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Sometimes, it is impossible for people to be appreciative of the hard work that goes into the wedding arrangements, and hence there may be some unexpected rants. This may seem disturbing to the bride, who is already going through a roller coaster of emotions during the whole process. Thus, the bride should just learn to grow a thick skin during these important days, and turn a deaf ear or blind eye to all the negativity. Just focus on the exciting times ahead and live every moment of your wedding.

  1. Wear comfortable attire

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From the clothes to the heels, brides should wear attire that they are comfortable carrying themselves around in for those crucial long hours of the functions. Not to forget the additional jewelry, make-up and hair-do that will add to the adornment. If a 15 kg outfit is not your style, then there are various options of light and comfortable bridal outfits that could be explored. Shoe heels should be comfortable enough to keep you from limping on the days following the wedding celebrations. The comfort will enhance the whole wedding experience for the bride and will definitely reflect on the face!

  1. Be yourself and experience the magic

Photo Source: Katie Shuler Photography

Experience and live every moment of your dream journey, as it may only happen once. Make sure to enjoy and laugh it out with the groom too, and steal moments of joy during the process. Have fun in the wedding ceremonies and traditions, as well as in the fun activities (like dance performances and photo booth). After all, brides look the most beautiful when they are cheerful and relaxed.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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