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Bridal Entry Ideas For The 2017 Indian Bride!

After the endless wedding preparations, one of the most anticipated elements at weddings is the bride’s entrance. Here are some ideas to plan your entry to make it one of the most memorable memories not just for yourself, but the guests too!

  • Floral Shelter

Photo Source: Harsheen Jammu

A vintage touch to an entry adorned with the beautiful look and smell of flowers, this floral canopy, which is often carried by male members of the bride’s family, is a subtle indication of a smooth and soft transition to her new life.

  • Cinderella

Photo Source: Pinterest

How about a fairytale entry in a carriage? This classic tale is engraved in every girl’s memory for sure.

  • Sparklers

This one’s a sure shot way to sparkle whilst entering your new phase of life! For a dramatic effect, you can have members of your family and friends hold sparklers as you enter.

  • The Traditional Palki

Photo Source: Rahul De Cunha Pictures

Tradition never goes out of fashion. A bride entering in a paalki/ doli will always remain a classic. The men of the family – like dad, brothers, cousins, etc. – often carry her in this.

  • Quirky Bollywood Style

Photo Source: Dream Diaries

An all-time hit formula for desi weddings, this idea brings in twists to traditional ways. Rickshaws and scooters are the new trend, a break from the conventional cars.

  • As the light shines…

Photo Source: Studio Umairish

An innovative way, which is inspired from a movie, is to get the bride under a cloth (chaadar) of lights. Subtle, surreal and beautiful, it has all the elements to make the bride look remarkable!

  • Kids to Announce

Photo Source: Which Fashion

You may always use kids in your family such as nieces or nephews to announce the bride’s entry. This will be an adorable way to capture the guests’ attention anticipating the entry.

  • The Staircase

Photo Source: Earthy Photography

Brides can always shine over the staircase, in both contemporary as well as traditional settings. The traditional setting can further include decorations of lights, flowers and/or candles.

  • The Band

Photo Source: Evibe Party Stories

Entry with a bang is an all-time-favorite; you can get everybody from your family and friends to dance to the tunes. The big grand entry often gets everyone excited and energized.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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