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Bridal Dress Selection: Tips & Ideas!

Selecting a bridal outfit is one of the most overwhelming experiences for a would-be bride. Many brides often stress over this crucial decision because of their own expectations as well as those of others (specially in-laws).

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Here are some tips to ease down the process.

  1. Research

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It always helps to do some research in advance and have an idea about the bridal look you want. Discuss with your family, friends and in-laws (if need be) about the desired outfit, before plunging into the shopping spree. Having a fair mental blueprint helps to narrow down choices, making the selection more focused. One can also pin down shortlisted looks in a separate folder or use Pinterest.

  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm

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Ideally, the bridal dress hunt should begin 6-8 in months in advance. This allows for enough time to prepare designs, alter sizes, as well as get appropriate accessories accordingly. Time becomes even more crucial in case of a customized outfit.

  1. Budget

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 Budget decisions help to keep the selections realistic and targeted. It is important to clarify the budget with the bridal shops and designers, to make sure that designs and fabrics are suggested accordingly. Ensure to include costs of alterations, taxes and shipments (if applicable) when factoring the budget.

  1. Location

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Bridal outfits can be customized through the colors, fabric and embellishments depending on the weather conditions, as well as the locations (indoor or outdoors). Usually most fabrics are suitable across the year, but some, like linen and organdy, are more appropriate for warm weather, whilst velvet and brocade are best suited for winter.

  1. Make a Plan

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 It is best to check online or call the shops/designers in advance to understand their collection, price range and services provided, before scheduling an appointment. Weekdays are better than weekends, as one can avoid the heavy crowd and hence get more individual attention. It is further important to make sure that you do not schedule way too many appointments in one day, and thus end up exhausted. Try to keep about 2-3 appointments per day, which will also help you remember the collection and all other details of the meeting. Take notes, if required, to help with the planning process.

  1. Involve your close circle

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This could be your mother, mother in law, siblings, or friends – basically a close set of 2-3 people maximum, who you are comfortable with. This will help you get more ideas and opinions during the outfit selection, and help you make better decisions.

  1. Get back-up accessories

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 Accessories such as shape-wear, heels, pins, or even jewelry (if decided) could help when taking trials. The overall look can be more accurately predicted as well as explained to the bridal shop/designer, so they can suggest outfits appropriately.

  1. Keep an open mind

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 You may try outfits that suit you better but are quite different from what you had initially planned. Hence, you should go with an open mind and consider the recommendations of your close compatriots as well as of the outfit designer when selecting the outfit.

  1. Focus on the Feel 

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 It is important to focus on the feel of the dress as compared to your perceived physical flaws. The fit and feel should make you feel happy and content – after all it is YOUR BIG DAY!

  1. Get it Documented

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Once you finalize on the outfit, you should take all the details about the dress in writing. This includes details regarding the design, color, fabric, size, alterations, delivery and return policies, as well as the final price. It helps to keep the agreement clear and track the delivered quality of outfit and services.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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