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Guest Post: Hydrate your skin!

There are so many scrubs available in the market that sometimes it’s difficult to choose which one to take home. Personally, I have tried almost every product out there but, till date, the one that has given me best results is this home-made scrub which does not only remove dead skin but also leaves your skin hydrated and soft as silk. Perfect for busy brides-to-be!

 Photo Source: Love Our Wedding

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Cruising through your wedding, anyone!?

The best place to not be left standing at the altar while your soon to-be better half expresses a case of cold feet is that you plan in it in a place where they cannot escape *cue gasps and weird looks*; okay, so it has to be a super cool wedding destination where the both of you are not chained to a post. Fortunately, there is a place like that, and the best part is, it’s wonderful and that is what makes the couple so happy and comfortable about bringing in a new chapter of their life to start. Book a cruise for your wedding! Here’s why:

Photo Source: Ezwed

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