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Wedding Venue Selection Tips!

A major part of the wedding planning revolves around the venue, and hence selecting it requires a lot of thought and effort. Here are some tips to help you narrow down the most apt location for your Big Day!

  1. Capacity

Photo Source: Hitched

A guest list should be prepared that will give a relatively fair idea of the capacity required at the venue. Further, keep some additional provision in case of other activities such as dances, photo-booths, presentations, food set up, etc.

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Guest Post: 10 Ways to Reuse Wedding Decor in Your Home!

You plan and prepare for months to make sure that everything goes perfectly on your Big Day. You put a lot of effort, time and money in deciding the perfect style and picking the best décor items for your wedding ceremony. Naturally, you feel sad when it’s over and it’s time to wrap up things. You have lots of items to sort through and decide whether you want to keep them or sell.

Why clutter your storage with cartons of candles, lights and vases when you can creatively reuse them around your home? You will cherish these things in your home as they will remind you of your Big Day and, of course, save you some money! Here are 10 stylish ways to incorporate used wedding decor in your home.

  1. Rug

Photo Source: Weddbook

Don’t rent the rug where you are going to exchange your wedding vows! Buy an area rug for this purpose so that later on, you can easily fit it in any room in your home. Besides warming up and completing the look of the room, it will always remind you of your special day. Read More