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Best Locations For Pre-Wedding Shoots In London!

“Her dress bellowed in the wind, a stunning shade of crimson, bold against dark rugged stones of the old castle. He held her in his arms, with the stature and poise of a King, eyes blazing in passion.

It was a perfect picture, one no doubt the bride would be using to announce her marriage to the world”

As little girls, we always dreamed of the perfect picture: of us and our Mr. Right. A moment captured just as the sun sets, during a walk by the beach, or perhaps a memory of a stolen moment in the busy city.

Here at The Wedding Script, we know how hard it can be to find perfect locations for these photos. So, we’ve made a list of a few pre-wedding shoot locations in London that are bound to give you ideas for your very own special photo moment.

1) Magic at the Market

Photo Source: X-quisite Photo & Video Stories

While some tastes are classic, the more adventurous spirits always look for something more fun, original, quirky, “different”, and photos at this location will give you just that!

Ladies, I give you Camden Market – a treasure full of handmade goods, cobblestone pathways, and colorful and vibrant kiosks hidden in the heart of London.

Photos by day will allow for a more carefree and relaxed shoot. Candids of you and your loved one devouring crêpes by a street side cart or trying the jewelry and masks at the many stalls will come out great. By night, the streets will be empty, and you and your partner will be  the main attractions, standing out in comparison to the beat down structures and lack of light.

2) Tell your Tale like a Tourist

Photo Source: Pinterest

What do you get when you put two people together who love to explore, a camera, and one of the most exciting cities in the world? An epic city photo shoot is what you get!

London is the capital for all things touristy. From St. Paul’s Cathedral, to the Big Ben, the Iconic red buses and phone booths and historic palaces, there is an endless array of photo ops just waiting for you. This is probably a good option for couples who aren’t too comfortable in front of the lens.

Just pretend like you’re sight seeing, steal a few glances at your better half and don’t forget to do the iconic “pointing into the distance” pose. A day out in the city is also good for capturing private moments between you and your partner amidst the busy backgrounds.

3) Ring it at Richmond

Photo Source: Laura Lees Photography

Whoever said you couldn’t get some nature and wild life in London clearly has never been to Richmond Park. If you’re looking to get away from the big buildings and blinding city lights, this is your go to place. Most well known for its deers, the park boasts of beautiful greenery, forest and vast open land. It’s a great setting for cosy autumn photos or ethereal out-of-this-world themed shoots.

Submitted by: Fatema Dhanani

Fatema is an 18 year old law student currently living in London. Her family is originally from India, but she was born in Kenya, and has lived her entire life in Tanzania. She enjoys writing, traveling, sports, and new adventures! Having said that, her diverse backgrounds and passion for exploring is where a lot of her writing comes from. She’s also a hardcore romantic, and absolutely LOVES weddings

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