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Benny & Catherine's Wedding in Bangalore, India

A gorgeous affair entailing both Hindu & Christian ceremonies, Benny and Catherine's wedding in Bangalore was nothing short of spectacular!


How we met:

A friend of mine who worked with Benny in the A.R Rahman’s ‘Jai ho’ tour in 2010 introduced us in March 2014. Being from two different parts of the world, I was pretty apprehensive of where this relationship would go, but I decided to give it a shot after several mutual friends told me what a great guy he was! We talked for 6 months via FaceTime and Whatsapp before he flew to NYC to meet me. He worked with my friends to make it such a memorable night and showed up at my apartment with a beautiful bouquet of 2 dozen stem lilies. The moment we met, I knew he was the one for me.


Wedding Planning:

We had some amazing wedding planners that helped us with the entire process. Due to scheduling, we planned a majority of the wedding just a month prior. The entire team of Divya Vithika Planners worked with us to turn our ideas into reality. Because of the short time it was quite stressful, but everyone had an amazing time and it was a very beautifully done wedding. Majority of the ideas were a mix of ours and our wedding planners, and a bit of inspiration came from social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.











Feelings on the Big Day:

From the day we met, I always knew Benny was the one for me and was my soulmate in life so I wasn’t nervous about marrying him. During our wedding lunch reception, I had turned to Benny and asked “So, do you feel any different?” and he answered “No” and I had felt the same. We had given our hearts to each other long before our wedding day and so getting married was just another step in our commitment to one another. That being said, I think any bride would say that she has butterflies since you want everything to go without a hitch. The only thing I was nervous about was the services, since we did back-to-back Hindu and Christian ceremonies which is not normally done. I wasn’t sure how our guests would respond but it was truly a blessed event. Seeing both the Hindu and Christian priests work together to conduct our ceremony was a magical experience not only for us, but for our guests as well.













Wedding Shopping:

Although unconventional, Benny was the one who took me around for wedding shopping. I was new to Mumbai and with only a month until our wedding, he was the one who spent time to take me around and help me figure out what I should wear. He has an excellent eye for fashion, so I loved that this was something we did together. We finished a majority of our wedding shopping in 4 days.

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

Outfit: Tan Kuruvilla, Kavani

Our mehendi function was a Morrocan themed evening.  We focused our color palette on deep colors of fuchsia, cobalt blue, and ochre gold. We also incorporated low deewan seating with cushions and round pillows which had our logos, and lit up the space with Morrocan lanterns and fairy lighting.



Pre-wedding cocktail
Outfit: Akashi Designer Studio

Instead of a traditional sangeet, we decided to do a ‘Pre-wedding Cocktail’ night for our guests. This is where we incorporated the father-daughter dance and the first couple dance along with a cake-cutting. We wanted to keep it a glamorous evening with a black and gold theme with red roses and hints of pearls. We also added some fun features such as Edison lights over the bar, a red rose flower wall on the stage for a fun backdrop for photos, and a wish tree which we used in lieu of a wedding book where the guests could write their wishes for us and hang it on a tree.


Wedding day:
Outfit: Sabyasachi

For our wedding day, we had a ‘Kerala Vintage’ theme. We included our traditional colors of gold and ivory, but added hints of greens and gorgeous pink lotus flowers for a modern take. Coming from different religious backgrounds, we had both the Hindu and Christian ceremonies one after another. Our mandap for the Hindu ceremony was done in ivory and gold fabric with lotus, jasmine, and greens with a flower chandelier in the center. The Christian altar, which was right next to the mandap, entailed a beautiful archway outlined with flowers.



Wedding Venues:

We didn’t have any requirements as such. Benny saw The Temple Tree Hotel in Bangalore and loved it. He felt it had such an amazing vibe and aura for the type of wedding we wanted.


Performers and Performances:

We kept it very simple at our wedding. We wanted just the father-daughter dance and our first dance to be the main focus.


Few words on the photographer, videographer, hair/ make-up artist, bartenders and DJ:

Choose wisely and choose early! Good vendors do get picked up in advance so once you and your fiancé have decided on what vendors to use, don’t hesitate to book them.


Advice for to-be-weds:

Create your own experiences and memories.


Photography: Sephi Bergerson
Videography: Doodle Studios
Wedding Planner: Divya Vithika Wedding Planners
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Sabrina Suhail
DJ: DJ Shireen
Catering: Chef Abhijit Saha of Fava/Caperberry, Bangalore
Venue: Temple Tree Hotel, Bangalore
Outfits: Mehndi: Bride – Tan Kuruvilla, Kavani | Pre-wedding Cocktail: Bride – Akashi Designer Studio | Wedding: Bride – Sabyasachi