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Suraj & Neha's Wedding in Chennai, India

From strangers to friends and friends to lovers, Suarj and Neha's love marriage at The Leela Palace Chennai was nothing less than a dream!

How we met:

We met at a friend’s birthday party in 2014, where he was clicking pictures of me and my friends (since he was into photography at that time). I didn’t like a couple of pictures but he told me, “You are beautiful!” I found him a bit flirty and moved away…

Next day, I saw his friend request on Facebook. I did not accept it for a while, but after a few days I gave in. He kept liking and commenting on my photos and then one day, sent me a personal message. We exchanged numbers and became good friends and kept kept texting each other for 3 months. I called him for the first time on his birthday and sent a small cake with a gift for him. He proposed to me after that, but I needed some time to understand what was happening. We decided to meet after 6 months – I still remember the goosebumps and butterflies I felt in my stomach when I met him at Gloria Jeans. We kept meeting more often after that and I finally told him that I liked him too . After a while, we spoke to our parents where Suraj had a hard time convincing my father as I’m daddy’s girl <3 and he couldn’t imagine me leaving him. But then finally after 2 years, we decided to tie the knot on 4th March 2017.

Wedding Shopping:

As I own a fabric boutique, it was fun working on designs and experimenting with new colors.

Bride’s Ghazal Night outfit: Azaad designer, Qatar

Bride’s Sangeet and Reception outfits: Melta Tan, Indonesia

Bride’s Pheras and Mehndi outfits: Tarun Tahiliani and designer from Shahpur Jat, Delhi.

Groom’s outfits: Stallion and Vistar, Dubai (self-designed)

Fabrics: Regania Couture, Dubai

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

On 2nd March, we held a Ghazal night, wherein everyone refreshed their old memories with retro music. There were live performers as well, such as Shahnawaz from X Factor and Kiranjeet from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Outfit: I went for a lavender color which was different from the bling brides wear. I worked with my own fabrics from Regania Couture for an elegant and classy saree gown.

On the 3rd morning, we hosted a Mehndi function, where Suraj made an entry by holding me in his arms and color sticks throwing colors in the background, giving the function a Bollywood feel .

We had bangle trees, photo booths and games for everyone to enjoy.

Outfit: I had designed and gotten the colors changed as per my idea, which was influenced by a designer from Shahpur Jat in Delhi.

In the night was the Sangeet and Engagement ceremony with a Burlesque theme, wherein we had the most unique settings, such as a beautiful memory lane, a wishing tree, mask seats, etc. We witnessed our family and friends perform our favorite dance numbers. Then we had Bhavin Gupta from Indian Idol performing on our favorite love songs . It was a memorable night enjoyed by all of us.

Outfit: I was in love with one of my fabrics, hunter green so I was very clear I wanted an indo-western gown. Luckily, it turned out to be very good; it was a special work done by my designer’s client – Meltatan.

Our Pheras were on 4th March, which was made memorable by me entering with a phoolo ki chaadar with my father by my side.

Outfit: I opted for a designer lehenga from Tarun Tahiliani’s collection, changed its colors and added a touch of coral orange for a summer look, which made it bright.

The Reception was the last event, where everyone danced and enjoyed till the wee hours of the morning.

Outfit: I went for a very different colored brown with a tint of purple; it was my own fabric and my favorite customer, who is now a close friend, worked on the design and made this fairytale gown – Melta Tan.

Wedding Venues:

We chose Chennai as the destination for our wedding because of its beaches and scenic views. The Leela Palace turned out to be the perfect choice for us, as it was beautiful and offered the most amazing cuisines.

Few words on the photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, bartenders and DJ:

Makeup Artist: Firstly, do not stress over hiring celebrity artists. Instead opt for someone who understands your taste and be clear about what hairstyle and makeup you’d like in advance.

I chose Makeup by Ibrahim and Shahbaz (local in Chennai) – they’ve had 18 years of experience in this field and I loved their work, mainly because they gave me a very natural look.


Photography/Videography: Q5 Studio, Chennai
Wedding Planner/Bartender: The Knottt, Chennai
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Makeup by Ibrahim, Chennai
Henna Artist: Rachana Artistry, Chennai
Cake: Shree Mithai, Chennai
DJ: Amit Raheja
Venue: The Leela Palace, Chennai
Outfits: Ghazal Night: Groom – Stallion and Vistar, Dubai, Bride – Azaad designer, Qatar | Mehndi: Groom – Stallion and Vistar, Dubai, Bride – designer from Shahpur Jat, Delhi | Sangeet: Groom – Stallion and Vistar, Dubai, Bride – Melta Tan, Indonesia | Pheras: Groom – Stallion and Vistar, Dubai, Bride – Tarun Tahiliani | Reception: Groom – Stallion and Vistar, Dubai, Bride – Melta Tan, Indonesia
Stationery: Suneja Cards, Delhi