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Beard Care for the Groom

Your BIG DAY is here. No chaps, not your wedding day, but the day you need to shave that beard, because it’s your wedding and you’ll be damned if you look shabby. Hold that razor right there, before you cut off your most defining feature in today’s hipster world. But you raise a fair question – you’re doomed if you look back at those wedding pictures three years from now and go like, ‘I should have gone for the crisp, clean cut.’ Your worst nightmare would be if the missus doesn’t approve and the blade makes its way into her hands.

Photo Source: Lyn Ismael & Amy & Jordan Photography

The secret to saving your marriage, your grandeur wedding and that beautiful piece of manhood, which you spent at least six months to grow is simple – Beard Care. Growing a beard isn’t enough, grooming it to look sleek and downright ‘we mean business’ is what you need to learn. Let’s share some great products out there, which need to get into your daily ritual of beard care.

  • Beard Wash

Yes. It’s a real thing. As much as we have learned over the years about exfoliating your skin through face washes and scrubs, it’s time to understand beard wash. In beard 101 terms, its a conditioner for your face. Not only does it cleanse your beard from all those toxins and dirt, which you carry all day long while working hard hours, it hydrates your skin, keeping it fresh and soft. The distinction will be clear enough for you when you see a suave beard and a roughly unkempt beard.Two of my favorite recommendations for your starter kit:

 Photo Source: Billy JealousyLush

  1. Billy Jealousy Beard Wash: It contains aloe to soften and hydrate your beard, green tea extract to strengthen and stimulate growth and soy protein to give it that final sheen. If my word isn’t enough, it’s a winner of the Esquire Men’s Grooming Awards.
  2. Lush Kalamazoo Beard Wash: As Lush products always are, this creamy wash is full of concoctions which seem nearly edible (Don’t try it at home!). There’s pineapple juice producing enzymes to cleanse the skin, and almond oil and cupuaçu butter to keep the beard soft.
  • Beard Moisturizer

Add that extra layer of care and moisturize your skin. There is plenty of bush covering your face and the skin needs a breather. Confused about what to buy? Fear not, follow the expert advice:

Photo Source: Billy Jealousy

  1. Billy Jealousy Beard Control: It’s not just any moisturizer, it’s a beard styler. There’s panthenol which is a provitamin conditioner and PVP which aids the styling process to keep the beard hair in place. Once again, it’s endorsed by the Men’s Health Grooming Awards.
  • Beard Oils

Unlike popular belief, beard oils don’t automatically lead to beard growth. However, it is a good supplement to aid the process. Key thing to remember is to make sure you dry off your beard before applying oils. The idea is to massage your skin with the oil so that it may reach your pores. Also, two drops of oil are more than sufficient, to avoid any greasy post residue.There are plenty of beard oils out there, my pick would be:

Photo Source: Organic Beard Co.

  1. Organic Beard Co. Oils: There are multiple fragrances to pick from, but the wood one keeps the musk for the masculine intact. The base oil is a mixture of almond oil with cedarwood and Vitamin E. The Jojoba Oil helps dissolve clogged pores and maintains the skin’s natural pH balance.
  • Beard Brushes and Combs

The final essential is a no-brainer, and yet something which surprises young lads. You need to comb those bad boy hairs, so you can look classy enough for your Big Day. Based on the length of your beard hair, you could pick from a choice of brushes or combs:

beard brush comb the wedding script dubai blog

Photo Source: Billy Jealousy & Organic Beard Co.

  1. Billy Jealousy Boar Bristle Brush: This one’s for the beasty beard. When you need a rough stroke to straighten the hair, pick a bristle brush. It also comes in a predefined kit with the moisturizer and beard wash.
  2. Organic Beard Co. Combs: If your beard length is less of a frenzy, you could make do with a comb. This one is the old school pocket comb, ready to play it’s part even on the run.

beard care the wedidng script dubai blog

Your starter kit is now ready and the best part is, as much as we hate to shop, all these supplies can be used in the long run. A final tip, don’t show the missus this article. Work on that beard and show her the results. Let her stroke that beast and she’d gladly let you keep it forever.

Submitted by: Zain Sheikh

Zain Sheikh is a big foodie and travel junkie at heart! He’s in a relationship with crossfit for just over a year – this one will last. He believes the stage is his oyster. There is something nearly magical between the silence and chaos on stage, it’s where his heart finds a home. A dedicated actor still walking on the yellow brick road to Hollywood! Fiction writer in the making, till death do them part.

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