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Bachelorette Party Games!

Your best friend’s wedding is coming up and the responsibility for her to revel in her final days of singlehood with her pals is on you!  But not to worry, The Wedding Script has you covered! Here are fun and creative ways to make her Bachelerotte Party one she will remember forever!

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  • Do You Know Your Groom?

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The cutest and simplest one to execute. Send her fiancé 20 questions about himself without telling her about them. Then have her answer them to see how many she gets right. It’ll be fun to see how much or less she knows about her partner before the Big Day!

  • What’s on the Tray?

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A super fun fare for all ladies! Take a tray, place 10 wedding related items on it and cover it with a cloth. Unveil the items for 10 seconds for them to view and cover it again. Give them a minute to note down what they saw from memory! See who had the most correct guesses!

  • Bridal Scavenger Hunt

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Break up the ladies into teams and give them a list of wedding-centric things they need to bring back by the end of the party. Gone are the days when scavenger hunts were limited to kids. Ladies will be in splits when teams will be hunting for the items in the nick of time!

  • Truth or Dare

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This can turn from slow to intense within no time at all! Give the bride a bracelet, Spin the bottle and when the bottle points to the bride, the woman at the other end of the bottle asks fun questions to the bride or performs a dare! Each party member has a charm for the bracelet and every time the bride performs a task, she receives a charm for her bracelet!

  • Bride Trivia

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Another fun game with an emotional touch! Have your bride-to-be answer a list of questions before the night out, then give your guests a multiple choice test to see how well they know her – grab a box of assorted chocolates to toss out as prizes for whoever guesses correctly.

Submitted by: Arshi Farid

A total fashion freak, Arshi is insanely obsessed with discovering trends and loves trying out new, quirky ones. She also has an interest in, well, Bollywood! She has no idea why she loves reading about the happenings of B-town. Every morning at home she would sit for an hour flipping pages of the entertainment edition of the newspaper. She is a movie buff and reviews Bollywood releases every Friday, to the best of her abilities. Guilty of gluttony, she lives to eat. She loves travelling – going around the world in 80 days is definitely on her bucket list. Link: https://ashupdates.wordpress.com/


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