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Planning a Honeymoon right after the Wedding?!

So, you are finally getting hitched! Being surrounded by the wedding day plans – venue, menu, guest list, dress, gifts (and the list is truly unending) is completely understandable. You, your fiancé, both the families and your wedding planner are probably going all abuzz with the preparations and excitement for the Big Day.

But, while you are busy in talks with your wedding planner about choosing the best caterer of the town, don’t miss out on the one thing that is equally important and needs some planning too – your honeymoon! This is the only time you’ll get to spend some lone and quality time with your partner, so plan to make it just as special (if not more) as your wedding day.

Photo Source: Simply Modern Weddings

And if you are a bit clueless about where to begin its planning, we have listed out some things that you should certainly consider before finalizing the plans:

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Guest Post: Trending Bridal Looks this Season!

Do you ever feel like you want to have it all? Do the amazing images that you see on Instagram and Pinterest inspire you enough to make you wish that you should use it all for your Big Day?

In today’s social-media-engrossed population, we come across a range of beautiful looks, that any bride would go crazy choosing between the various styles for her own wedding. Be it an extravagant wedding or a low key scenario, pre-wedding functions have become as important as the main wedding day itself. And this means that you get to try more than one look and soak in all the splendor that you ever wished for. Here’s a beauty muse for you all, so you can be sure that you’ve selected at least one of the trending beauty looks and hence slay your bridal glam in style!

1. Sultry


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A Disney Wedding, anyone?

Imagining a fairytale wedding while growing up watching Disney has been on every young girl’s ‘List of fantasies’. The dream begins with a view of a horse carriage waiting at your doorstep, while you wear your Cinderella glass heels to match your Princess gown, doesn’t it!? Well, we have some exciting news for you! Disneyland has decided to turn your dreams into a reality – it has announced that couples can now get married in the heart of the Florida theme park, with a clear view of the Cinderella’s Castle.

Photo Source: DIsney Weddings

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