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The Ultimate List of Things a Bride Needs!

Falling in love was the easy part; planning a wedding…Yikes!!!

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. But, I still remember the pressure and heat I had to go through till the day I responded “I Do”. Falling in love seemed to be the easy part. The way he proposed was perfect; even the venue he chose was impeccable…sheesh! It was such a romantic afternoon!! All I could do in the first week after the proposal was just gasp at my engagement ring and at that shiny stone on it. My friends even kept an account of the number of times I re-told my proposal story. I’d been pretty happy and had already started planning and dreaming about my ‘Special Day’.

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Once I came out of my dreamy world, I understood that planning a wedding wasn’t an easy task. It just looked effortless and smooth in movies and dreams. And with all the shopping, planning and countless arguments, I couldn’t even remember how time flew by!!! And to my dismay, one of my friends showed me videos of wedding disasters and I was done!!!

On the other hand, this made me extra cautious and more observant of all the details. I created a proper list of things I needed which soon became my ‘wedding bible’ for the day. My Big Day was truly special  and I still have those memories stored in my heart. So, I thought of helping all the gonna-be-brides to prepare themselves for their special day.

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7 Day Flash Sale at Imprint Studio Dubai exclusively for The Wedding Script readers!

The Imprint Studio in Dubai is offering brides and to-be-weds an exclusive 50% off on their wedding packages as a 7 day FLASH SALE from June 14th to June 21st 2017.

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Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Locations in Tanzania!

“Her dress bellowed in the wind, a stunning shade of crimson, bold against dark rugged stones of the old castle. He held her in his arms, with the stature and poise of a King, eyes blazing in passion.

It was a perfect picture, one no doubt the bride would be using to announce her marriage to the world”

As little girls, we always dreamed of the perfect picture: of us and our Mr. Right. A moment captured just as the sun sets, during a walk by the beach, or perhaps a memory of a stolen moment in the busy city.

Here at The Wedding Script, we know how hard it can be to find perfect locations for these photos. So, we’ve made a list of a few pre-wedding shoot locations in Tanzania that are bound to give you ideas for your very own special photo moment.

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How to Pick Your Honeymoon Destination?

Picking your honeymoon destination means organizing one of the most exciting and memorable trips you’ll ever take. Before you decide where you want to spend your first holiday after getting hitched, you have to consider several important aspects of this trip to make the best possible decision. If you’re feeling brave, you could pick Romania for some world-class vampire stories or if you’d rather lounge around on a beach, Greece or Spain would definitely be a better choice.

Photo Source: Grand Tour

Let’s consider the top 3 most important questions you need to ask yourself before deciding where you’re going to spend your honeymoon.

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Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality with The Vogue Wedding Show 2017!


Register to get invited for Vogue India’s sought after, annual wedding extravaganza and witness the country’s finest couturiers and brands gather at Taj Palace New Delhi.


Three reasons why Vogue Wedding Show is positively unmissable:

  1. Attend the most opulent wedding exhibition this year with the exclusive opportunity of meeting and interacting with the country’s leading designers and jewellers, one-on-one.
  2. Indulge in an untold selection of the choicest trousseau presented by India’s finest couturiers.
  3. Attend masterclasses by industry experts to help you soar through your wedding planning process.

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Guest Post: 20 Engagement Ring Facts!

Picking the right engagement ring can be a difficult task, especially if you are giving it as a surprise gift. Before you head to jewelry shops or check online stores for ordering the perfect ring, you need to know how to pick the best one to surprise your girlfriend. Your girlfriend’s engagement ring will probably be one of the most expensive purchases you are ever going to make, apart from a car or a house.

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Guest Post: 10 Tips for the Perfect Hen Party!

Love them or hate them, hen parties are part of the process of getting married in most cultures around the world. And while hen party traditions can vary depending on the country, there are some common factors that make a hen party a success and a memorable day for everyone involved.

Organisation is key from day one, ensuring that everything and everyone’s wishes are taken into account, and the more you begin making plans, the more you realise what a huge task planning a hen-do is! Having a process to follow and knowing where to start definitely makes the entire thing easier.

And that’s exactly how this new infographic can help. It takes you through the entire planning process and the day itself via 10 great tips:

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