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Guest Post: Making a Multicultural Wedding Work!

You’ve finally decided to settle down next to the most wonderful person on the planet, and you set a date for your Big Day! There is so much to do, from picking the right venue and trying to book your favorite band, to trying to talk the price of those flowers down.

With all that on your mind, the last thing you want to think about is the fact that you somehow have to make a multicultural wedding work. Unfortunately, this has to be one of the topmost entries on your to-do list, especially if your romance is interracial.

Interracial romance is a wonderful thing because you have more than one country and more than one town that you can call ‘home’, and the best part is that interracial babies are the most adorable babies in the whole wide world. However, when it comes to your Big Day, both the bride’s and the groom’s side want to see their cultures equally represented. And that is putting it lightly.

Your best bet is to follow our simple yet killer tricks that will knock everyone’s socks off and give you a wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.

Photo Source: Pixabay

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Real Bride Tales: My Travel-themed Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was planned by my maid of honor and bridesmaids, with the assistance of my mum and fiancé. Involving my mum in the planning process was extremely helpful, as she was the main link of the coordination required for the surprise.

Months before the actual day, I shared my guest list along with a list of ideas that I would like as the theme. In the options listed, there were various cities mentioned which is why a couple of my friends decided to host a travel-themed shower. This included the elements of a few themes that I suggested and turned out to be the perfect theme, especially since I love travelling and exploring the world!

Since my mum was aware of the shower and the theme, she asked the designer to design my dress accordingly. There were different elements from London & Paris incorporated into my dress that went well with the theme.

I was expecting the bridal shower to be held on the weekend around my birthday (January), but it was planned for mid November. It took place at Plantation, Sofitel Hotel in JBR and the weather was just perfect to host an outdoor event. All in all I’d say that it was planned and executed very well by all my friends and was a pleasant surprise.

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Guest Post: 5 Fun Ideas For Your Wedding!

There are two ways to make your wedding memorable: have everything fall apart at the last minute (everything from inappropriate wedding songs to a no-show caterer or a runaway bride), or do something to spice it up. There’s no way you’re going to be the first couple in history to have a picture-perfect, no-flaws wedding. All you can do is add a touch of unique flair to make sure your guests will remember the FUN they had, rather than the tiny hiccups.

We’ve come up with 5 unique wedding ideas to make your Big Day stand out from the rest. Add even one of these to your wedding, and you’ll never have to worry about being boring or cliché!


Photo Source: Kaposia Days

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Guest Post: Top Wedding Cake Trends 2017!

Wedding cakes are no longer classic desserts just like they were many years ago. Today, wedding cakes are real pieces of art. Cake bakers are always trying to follow the latest trends to satisfy the needs of the newly-weds. It is advisable to adjust the design of the cake according to the dress of the bride. White cake fits best with a dress in the same color, beige and gold cakes fit best with a wedding dress in a champagne color. Just like clothing lines change from season to season, so do wedding decorations and cakes.

Here is a small list of wedding cake trends you can follow in 2017:

Cake with pastel shades

Photo Source: Pinterest

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Guest Post: Trendy Engagement Ring Styles Of 2017!

Are you at that point in your life where you’re considering of purchasing a diamond ring? Do you have that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat every time you gaze at her? If you’re ready to make the promise for everlasting memories, then you cannot compromise with how you make the move.

Diamond has always been used as an approach to show commitment and promise eternity bonds. The most expressive and charming way of saying ‘I Love You’ is best said with a diamond. So small and yet so powerful!

So use a diamond to spark the love. There are various diamond rings available that offer a magnificent range of options – from single to two stone, brightly shining, and perfectly designed fitted diamonds that speak for you loud and clear. Your feelings should be fitted strongly as a commitment into the finest quality metal and design, so that when you speak for your future, your proposal ring says it all.

And if 2017 is the year for your proposal, then here’s a list of some trendy engagement ring styles for this year:

  • The Iconic Minimalist

Photo Source: Pinterest

A setting where the center diamond is adorned with the graduating side stones is simply beautiful. Although these rings bring back the 1960s fashion era, the appeal to this style is permanent and alluring.

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Tips for Bridal Jewelry Shopping!

Getting married just yet? Then I’m sure you comprehend that jewelry is an integral part of planning the overall look and attire for your wedding. Most brides and their families spend a lot of time and effort in planning this aspect, as it heavily impacts not only the overall bridal look, but also the pockets! Ouch! Hence, it becomes important to use a practical approach before making those anxious trips to jewelers. Of course, brides don’t just buy for their wedding functions, but also include some items as part of their trousseau. Here are some tips to ease down your planning process, and still make you look like a MILLION BUCKS!

  1. Decide the outfit(s) for your function(s)

Photo Source: Fashion Trends

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Guest Post: Top 3 Wedding Basics to Keep in Mind!

When someone mentions ‘the most important day of your life’, you either think about the birth of your child or your wedding. And while the first one needs a lot of work and can be quite traumatizing despite its happy ending, your wedding day is what some of us are preparing for our whole lives. So, before you say ‘I do’, let’s go over the three wedding basics you need to keep in mind if you want the most important day of your life to go as smoothly as possible.

Photo Source: Flickr

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Quirky Ideas For Wedding Invitations!

Wedding invitations are an integral part of the wedding planning process. Since the details and packaging of the cards have an impact on the guests, why not surprise them with something more engaging and interactive?! And we are not talking about the digital cards and e-invites here; we are here to give you some tips on customizing cards to reflect the individual style and preferences of the bride and groom, whilst adding some fun elements for the guests to remember.

  • Countdown Timer

Photo Source: Until Sunday

A makeshift countdown timer to the wedding day that guests can use to calculate the exact number of days to the wedding.

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Pretty Flats For Your Special Day!

Indian brides are heavy duty brides. Why? Well, because only an Indian bride can don a heavy bridal outfit, pair it with a Rani haar or naulakha haar, smile incessantly and pose for millions of photographs with every soul present at the wedding and sit through all the rituals that last all day long. To add to the glory, they wear wedding heels that, under the cover, squeeze their toes, give them blisters, rip their toenails and take a toll on their comfort and posture. Secretly, I’m sure all brides wish to ditch those heels and take a sigh of relief!

Not everyone wants to trade comfort for fashion, though. And if you’re the one who isn’t head over heels for heels, then voila! We have some life-saving options for you.

  1. A bride always looks pretty in pink and a pink jutti with ghungroo will definitely add some jazz to your wedding outfit.

Photo Source: Pinterest

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