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6 Props That Will Make Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Extraordinary!

Becoming quite a trend these days, pre-wedding shoots are a way for the couple to re-create their bond in a more casual way. Various props can be added to make it innovative and interesting. Here is a list of ideas:

  1. Confetti

Photo Source: Wedding Eye

Add color and shine to photos by adding confetti. This could be added to the background, or couples could also blow it out. Either ways, it lights up the photo.

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This Bridal Photo Shoot Of Ileana D’Cruz Is A Funky Representation Of The Modern Day Bride!

For centuries, Indian society, patriarchal in nature, has suppressed the bride into a box of ‘shoulds’ and taped with rules. The daughter, bride, and soon-to-be wife had responsibilities and she had no choice but to follow the societal norms. When it came to bidaai, shedding of tears was not just an emotional response; it was a necessity. And when it came to the period before the wedding, the to-be bride was always expected to be shy and embarrassed with the mention of marriage – her job was to flutter eyelids, escape from the room when marriage was being discussed, giggle softly, and sigh and swoon.

But, here we are in the 21st century, and girls, we feel it’s high time to break these stereotypes!

In her photo shoot for the Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop’s magazine, Ileana D’Cruz has deviated from everything that makes up the society-pleasing sanskaari bride. With 8 wedding commandments of her own, here comes the woman who is in control of her wedding, and ready to party it up on her own terms. She has swag, her desi thumkas burn the dance floor, and she can chug faster than you. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the new badass modern Indian bride!

Photo Source: Arjun Mark

Blouse: Pernia Qureshi Label, Lehenga: Rana’s By Kshitija, Earrings & Nose Ring: Raabta by Rahul, Handcuff & Ring: Amrapali

“When you’re wearing 10 kilos on the most important day of your life, comfort comes first!”

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8 Interesting Wedding Traditions Around The World!

Many people are aware of the traditional American ring exchange, but what about ceremonies from other countries around the world? Whether you’re just curious or want to go beyond a traditional ceremony, read on to explore 7 fascinating and different traditions, different from our first edition. Love may be universal, but these ceremonies certainly aren’t!

  • Carrying Fire: South Africa

Photo Source: Flickr

This one is for the parents of the bride, who bring fire from their own fireplaces to the home of the newlyweds. The bride and groom then use the flames of their childhood homes to ignite the hearth of their new home. If one doesn’t have a fireplace, they can try going smaller scale with candles.

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5 Ways To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever!

Bridesmaids are not only the privileged lot who have received the honor of being part of a bride’s inner circle, but are also the girls who are going to tolerate her during the most special day of her life.

No, she won’t ask you to brainstorm about floral decor for her wedding at 3am, nor would she ask you to shell out $300 for your own dress, which you might not even wear ever again. What she will ask you though, is to lend her a hand, throw her one heck of a bachelorette party and show some interest in a whole lot of other things.

Photo Source: Michael Anthony Photography

Still not sure about what’s expected of you as a bridesmaid? We’ve come up with 5 commandments for being your girlfriend’s best lady in the lead up to her wedding.

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Real Bride Tales: Social & Style Blogger’s ‘Pop.Fizz.Clink’ Themed Beautiful Bridal Shower!

On March 12, 2016 my #ShaadiSquad (bridesmaids) threw me the most beautiful shower. Bridal Showers are one of my favorite events from a wedding and I feel so blessed to have had the shower of my dreams. My sister, the Maid of Honor, took the lead in planning each and every detail and my bridesmaids went above and beyond to make the details come to life. I am excited to share a few highlights with you!

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