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DIY Bridal Facial Masks Part 2

You always seem to fall short on time during a wedding. For every bride, her wedding day is special. Brides often spend a huge sum of money on beauty products or beauty treatments before their wedding. You don’t have to; instead save that money for something you need the most. Opt for homemade beauty treatments instead, which are easy to make, and you won’t end up spending a large sum on getting treated at a beauty salon. You can have youthful glowing skin with homemade beauty masks, which you should start using at least a month before your Big Day. Here are s few more facial masks, which I have tried and tested myself, which you can apply regularly since they are all natural and contain no side-effects; within a month you should notice baby soft skin with a dewy glow on your face.

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Nailed it!

All eyes will be on your mitts as you put your wedding ring on for the very first time. From matte-finish manis to glamorous glitter tips, it’s easy to see how you (a bride-to-be) can get lost on your quest for the perfect wedding nails. If you’re wondering whether you should wear color on your nails for your Big Day, or experiment a bit and play with nail art, look no further! We bring to you the hottest bridal nail styles, showcasing various nail prints and designs. Choose from understated pale colors, asymmetrical lines and Dubai-inspired bling when looking to add a touch of glitz to your wedding nails.nails the wedding script dubai blog

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Guest Post: Tips & Trends for Eco-friendly Wedding Stationery

Couples are becoming savvy when it comes to wedding invites, and realizing how wasteful and time-consuming the creation of invitations is. Minimizing the amount of paper (and work) involved in wedding stationery has become the way forward lately. Here are some suggestions on how to send out fabulous (yet ‘responsible’) and eco-friendly wedding invitations.

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Photo Source: Vinati’s Paper

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Post-wedding shoot of Vivek & Pooja with CoolBluez Photography

Wedding Scripters Namrata and Divya had created videos and clicked several pictures that displayed what happened ‘behind the scenes’ of shooting the quirks and romance of a post-wedding couple.


Vivek and Pooja were great sports and do a great job containing their excitement and nervousness when working with a new photographer.

Pawandeep, the photographer, leads us through the story he wanted to create, while the location and natural lighting supports his vision perfectly.

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DIY Bridal Facial Masks

Every girl wishes to look stunningly beautiful on her Wedding Day. Makeup can hide your flaws temporarily and make you look nothing less than a model on your Big Day. But have you ever thought about what will happen when the makeup comes off?  That thought in itself is so scary that I have turned into an insomniac with stress a number of times, which has resulted in more pimples and dark circles, not to forget the flushed Zombie-like complexion just a month before my Wedding Day. Thankfully, in my culture, the guy isn’t allowed to see the girl a month before marriage otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article today!

the wedding script DIY-face-masks dubai blogPhoto Source: Getty Images

Here are some of my tried and tested facial masks which you can apply regularly since they are all natural and contain no side-effects; within a month you should notice baby soft skin with a dewy glow on your face.

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Guest Post: Professional Wedding Planner vs. On-site Coordinator

‘What is the difference between an independent wedding planner and a on-site venue coordinator?’ is the question on every wedding couple’s mind. Lots of venues advertise hiring a planner on site, which seems to be more feasible, and hence several couples think they don’t really need to hire a planner. We discuss the benefits of hiring a professional planner, from the perspective of a professional wedding planner from India.

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Photo Source: The Wedding Co.

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