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A Disney Wedding, anyone?

Imagining a fairytale wedding while growing up watching Disney has been on every young girl’s ‘List of fantasies’. The dream begins with a view of a horse carriage waiting at your doorstep, while you wear your Cinderella glass heels to match your Princess gown, doesn’t it!? Well, we have some exciting news for you! Disneyland has decided to turn your dreams into a reality – it has announced that couples can now get married in the heart of the Florida theme park, with a clear view of the Cinderella’s Castle.

Photo Source: DIsney Weddings

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Bar Bar Dekho!

Every couple wants their wedding guests to have a ball at their celebration, and they know for a fact that having a free-flowing bar is one of the key ingredients in that heady cocktail of a wish. Here are some interesting and exclusive bar decor elements that will turn your cocktail-filled function into a high-concept piece de resistance!

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Raising the Bar!

It’s not just the Band, Baaja and Baarat that make a wedding rocking and memorable. Our old friend ‘Alcohol’ is the one that adds the masti and icing on the wedding shenanigans! Barring the religious ceremonies, almost every function is an occasion of celebration, wherein booze amplifies the festive mood.

Good liquor, combined with some quirky presentation styles, will always ensure that your friends and relatives stay ‘happy high’ at your wedding. So incorporate your wedding theme into these fancy cocktails and crazy shots, or vice-versa!

Photo Source: Wedding ChicksMazel Moments

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Guest Post: Budget-friendly Backyard Wedding Bash

For a bride and groom to-be, planning a wedding is a special thing. They try to make this once in a lifetime event great and perfect. But not all couples have big budgets to spare. There are a lot of ideas and styles of weddings out there that they can explore to fit their budget, one of them being backyard wedding ideas. This idea is perfect for those who want their special event to become more intimate and unique.


Photo Source: Interclodesigns

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