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Guest Post: Effective Skincare Routine for Brides-to-be!

Looking perfect on your Big Day is usually the result of months of preparation and planning, which includes following a healthy diet and developing an effective skin care regime. However, these activities can sometimes take a back burner as you try and concentrate on the more pressing ones.

Not only do you have to find the right wedding gown, locate a good hairdresser, track down a good makeup artist and generally decide on a look that will work for you, you have to find a way to tie all these together so that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day.

Fortunately, achieving a glowing skin in time for your wedding need not be a difficult undertaking. Beginning in good time and using a few effective strategies will help you achieve a healthy glow and ultimately contribute to you looking your best when your wedding finally rolls around.

Below are a few skin care tips you can use to achieve radiant skin on your Big Day:

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Photo Source: Kaylee Beauty

Nutritional experts recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis.

The reasons? Water has been shown to plump up subcutaneous skin cells, improve the appearance of wrinkles, and ultimately improve the elasticity of your skin. Further, water helps to flush out toxins that may lead to skin breakouts, resulting in clearer, healthier looking skin that will definitely give you that glow you are looking for on your wedding day.

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Guest Post: Top 3 Wedding Trends In 2017!

While famous people are sharing celebrity snapchats of their expensive wedding dresses and discussing how much their glamorous weddings are going to cost, us common folk are right in the midst of the proposal season. And if you thought there was no such thing as a ‘proposal season’, you were wrong.

Statistically, the time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is when about 40% of couples get engaged, believe it or not. So, in that light, why don’t we take a look at the top three wedding trends that are going to leave their mark on 2017 as well as on many more years to come?

Photo Source: David Olkarny Photography

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Best Locations For Pre-Wedding Shoots In London!

“Her dress bellowed in the wind, a stunning shade of crimson, bold against dark rugged stones of the old castle. He held her in his arms, with the stature and poise of a King, eyes blazing in passion.

It was a perfect picture, one no doubt the bride would be using to announce her marriage to the world”

As little girls, we always dreamed of the perfect picture: of us and our Mr. Right. A moment captured just as the sun sets, during a walk by the beach, or perhaps a memory of a stolen moment in the busy city.

Here at The Wedding Script, we know how hard it can be to find perfect locations for these photos. So, we’ve made a list of a few pre-wedding shoot locations in London that are bound to give you ideas for your very own special photo moment.

1) Magic at the Market

Photo Source: X-quisite Photo & Video Stories

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Guest Post: Top 3 Funniest Wedding Speeches!

Naturally, the bride and the groom should be (and usually are) at the center of every wedding. But that doesn’t mean that other things can’t have their spotlight! For example, wedding speeches are often something guests are looking forward to, especially since there’s a good chance that whoever’s giving the speech is either completely smashed or has a good sense of humor.

Either way, we’ve decided to save you the trouble of doing a snapchat celebrity search while looking for hilarious toasts by finding the top three funniest wedding speeches you can find on the internet.

Photo Source: Wedding Card Message

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Guest Post: 8 Tips to Remember while Wedding Shopping on a Budget!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind while thinking about the wedding? Yes, your wedding will surely be a fairy tale but the cost of the cake, venue, dress, food and everything else will add up. Here are a few tips and tricks which can make you save a lot while doing your wedding shopping.

Go for a vintage ring

Photo Source: Wedding Goods

Vintage rings are stylish, gorgeous as well as frugal. You can find some real vintage gems in antique shops. Also, you can look for getting an heirloom – it would be better than buying a new ring. Ask your parents or relatives if they are ready to pass their valuable piece of gem to you.

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Unique Mehndi Favors!

Mehndi functions are one of the most sought after functions by the guests at desi weddings. Colors, music, dhols (drums), dance and Mehndi are some of the elements that define this elaborate pre-wedding event. To enhance this experience for the guests, hosts of the function usually arrange themed favors/ gifts. Here we present to you some unique ideas on gifting for your Mehndi!

  1. Colored scarves – dupattas

Photo Source: Mpire Weddings

Again, this is often a standard and popular gifting item. Guests can choose from a colorful display of various dupattas and flaunt them through the function.

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Guest Post: Making a Multicultural Wedding Work!

You’ve finally decided to settle down next to the most wonderful person on the planet, and you set a date for your Big Day! There is so much to do, from picking the right venue and trying to book your favorite band, to trying to talk the price of those flowers down.

With all that on your mind, the last thing you want to think about is the fact that you somehow have to make a multicultural wedding work. Unfortunately, this has to be one of the topmost entries on your to-do list, especially if your romance is interracial.

Interracial romance is a wonderful thing because you have more than one country and more than one town that you can call ‘home’, and the best part is that interracial babies are the most adorable babies in the whole wide world. However, when it comes to your Big Day, both the bride’s and the groom’s side want to see their cultures equally represented. And that is putting it lightly.

Your best bet is to follow our simple yet killer tricks that will knock everyone’s socks off and give you a wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.

Photo Source: Pixabay

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Real Bride Tales: My Travel-themed Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was planned by my maid of honor and bridesmaids, with the assistance of my mum and fiancé. Involving my mum in the planning process was extremely helpful, as she was the main link of the coordination required for the surprise.

Months before the actual day, I shared my guest list along with a list of ideas that I would like as the theme. In the options listed, there were various cities mentioned which is why a couple of my friends decided to host a travel-themed shower. This included the elements of a few themes that I suggested and turned out to be the perfect theme, especially since I love travelling and exploring the world!

Since my mum was aware of the shower and the theme, she asked the designer to design my dress accordingly. There were different elements from London & Paris incorporated into my dress that went well with the theme.

I was expecting the bridal shower to be held on the weekend around my birthday (January), but it was planned for mid November. It took place at Plantation, Sofitel Hotel in JBR and the weather was just perfect to host an outdoor event. All in all I’d say that it was planned and executed very well by all my friends and was a pleasant surprise.

Photography: Quick Photo Studio
Hair & Makeup: Enrica Bhatia
Venue: Plantation, Sofitel Hotel, JBR

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Guest Post: 5 Fun Ideas For Your Wedding!

There are two ways to make your wedding memorable: have everything fall apart at the last minute (everything from inappropriate wedding songs to a no-show caterer or a runaway bride), or do something to spice it up. There’s no way you’re going to be the first couple in history to have a picture-perfect, no-flaws wedding. All you can do is add a touch of unique flair to make sure your guests will remember the FUN they had, rather than the tiny hiccups.

We’ve come up with 5 unique wedding ideas to make your Big Day stand out from the rest. Add even one of these to your wedding, and you’ll never have to worry about being boring or cliché!


Photo Source: Kaposia Days

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Guest Post: Top Wedding Cake Trends 2017!

Wedding cakes are no longer classic desserts just like they were many years ago. Today, wedding cakes are real pieces of art. Cake bakers are always trying to follow the latest trends to satisfy the needs of the newly-weds. It is advisable to adjust the design of the cake according to the dress of the bride. White cake fits best with a dress in the same color, beige and gold cakes fit best with a wedding dress in a champagne color. Just like clothing lines change from season to season, so do wedding decorations and cakes.

Here is a small list of wedding cake trends you can follow in 2017:

Cake with pastel shades

Photo Source: Pinterest

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