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Atul & Dimple's Wedding in Karnal, India

Timing played an important role in the unison of Atul & Dimple, but what's meant to be will always find its way. We unravel their love story and grand wedding in Karnal, India.


How we met:

We met about five years ago in August 2010 in Mumbai, very briefly at a conference’s after-party where we partied together. We exchanged BBM pins with each other, but never kept in touch after that, since I lived in Dubai and he was based in Delhi. Time passed by and in May 2014 we met in Dubai again, when he reached out to me during his visit for a beauty exhibition. We went out partying with a bunch of friends and enjoyed playing beer pong and foosball. We then headed to an after-party, where I fell down and tore open my knee. He ran to take care of me immediately and took me to the hospital, staying by my side throughout while I was being sewed up! We formed an instant bond then and there, which I reckon brought us closer day by day. The next day, he was flying out, so he called me in the evening requesting to see me. Despite being heavily sedated, I went to meet him and since then we never lost touch and only grew fond of each other as the days passed!


Then, we decided to meet in Mumbai briefly in July 2014 and sparks were clearly flying all over the place, we had almost gotten addicted to each other! He even met my masi (aunt) and it felt like even the distance couldn’t deter us from being ONE!!! After this meeting, we spent a long time away from each other as neither of us were traveling. So we decided to meet again in February 2015 and we felt that we wanted to take our relationship to the next level and inform our folks about the same. But as destiny had it, my masi left for her heavenly abode in March 2015 and I was shattered; he knew I needed him the most at this time and he came for her last rites. That’s when he met my parents and my brother. When he decided to break the news to his parents, fate took a nasty turn again and he lost his dad in April 2015. I knew then that we may not move ahead with our relationship now, as other family responsibilities and obligations would take over. So in July 2015, when I was in between jobs, I decided to pay him a visit and see where we are headed. He decided that he will introduce me to his mom. I met his mother and we instantly clicked! We soon decided that both the parents should talk to each other, after which we fixed a meeting in Delhi in September 2015, where both parties liked each other.


When all was said and done, the big proposal came on 22 October 2015 in Dubai, and we got engaged the same Day!! We also had a massive yacht party on 23 October 2015 to celebrate our new beginning!!!


Wedding Planning:

I think the wedding planning process was a very tedious and toll-taking task for me. I was in-charge of the entire wedding planning, starting from venue selection to the smallest of details, like what will be served in the menu to how the welcome would happen, etc. I also did research on the kind of shots I would like to recreate for our pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots.





Organizing a wedding when the couple lives in two different countries can also take a toll on the relationship. Nonetheless, we came through to the finish line with panache.




Atul was instrumental in helping me in the planning stages along with our wedding planner – Nikhil from KnottyDays. I spent umpteen hours on the phone with KnottyDays and Atul, discussing the details of each event. I gathered a lot of inspiration from Wedding Sutra, MyShaadiWale, WedMeGood on Instagram. We used to share all the ideas we had, including the inputs from my sister and brother on Pinterest and Picasa web albums.



We wanted to incorporate all the funky and unique elements into our wedding so we created our wed-site – www.dnaforever.in – and shared our story, along with pictures and videos of our journey from dating to wedlock.



We wanted our entry to be special and so we managed a unique setup for all four events. For the Mehndi, both our entries had dhol players and folk singers; for  the Sangeet, we had cold pyros and stage fogger with a LED screen in the background playing our engagement video, while we were dancing to “Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding”; for the Pool Party, I entered with my bridesmaids holding a black board stating how we met and Atul entered with his groomsmen – he walked towards me, picked me up and we both jumped into the pool; for the Wedding, Atul entered in a chariot whilst I made my entry on an elaborate swan palki (chariot).



Feelings on the Big Day:

The wedding day itself was a very action-packed day, with events starting from the morning itself. I was excited and just wanted everything to go smoothly. I didn’t stress much as the wedding planning team and my brother were on their toes 24/7.



Since the prelude to the wedding was our super amazing pool party, my happy emotions were on a high and I was looking forward to the wedding and was excited to see how the venue decor turned out.






Although we both were exhausted from the long day, we both were very happy to have finally reached the day we have been prepping for months. Above all, the feeling that we are indeed going to be DnA forever made us elated and we were joking with each other during the vows! When my bidaai (farewell) happened, my eyes were filled with tears as I saw my family all teary eyed.



Wedding Shopping:

While I (bride) did most of my trousseau and wedding shopping from Dubai, Delhi and Mumbai, Atul (groom) did most of his shopping from Delhi. My mom has been my pillar throughout my wedding shopping and accompanied me to the several trips I made to India. I even ended up shopping for my dad’s outfits with my mom. My friends also helped me out with some trousseau and jewelry shopping in Dubai.


For my wedding dress, Atul was quintessential in taking me around Delhi to find my perfect dress. I would have checked out atleast 200 lehengas before my heart was fixated on the red lehenga with kundan work that I wore.


Schedule of Events and Outfits worn on each function:

Since half of the wedding crew (Bride side) checked in on 23 April, we had a small function of Ladaas and Mehndi for me, my mother and sister, after the grand welcome given to us by Noor Mahal Hotel. We had organized a dinner soon after, at the fine dining restaurant in the Hotel itself.


On 2 April in the afternoon, after welcoming all the guests and checking in in the morning, was our first event – the Mehndi function. Our Mehndi was a colorful village-themed event with shooting and ring games and a live folk band. I wore a bright green lehnga with digital print and hand work embroidery from Emerald by Amitaabh and Tripti Malhotra based in Delhi. I opted for exquisite gota jewelry by Nino’s Creation from Multan, Pakistan.



On the evening of 24 April. our Sangeet took place, which was a royal affair on the rooftop terrace of the hotel – Noor-e-Mehtaab. The decor was elegant, yet bold and impressive, with the four golden towers with octagonal chattris at the four corners of the rooftop. It was adorned with LED screens, champagne showers, DJ Kunaal, LED dhol, lots of party props, whistles, confetti, etc. and with lots of fun and frolic and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. For this function, I wore a lavender off shoulder gown with a veil by Nova Krishnan based in Dubai and opted for a diamond choker set by Jewel-e-ravi from Mumbai.



Next morning was a long day filled with events beginning with mine and Atul’s Haldi, dhol and Ghari Pooja. This function was followed by Al Fresco Pool Party, which was a greek-themed turquoise and white party. To cover the entertainment aspect, we went the whole nine yards – sheesha, funky bartenders and jugglers, chuskis and much more. DJ Kunaal and DJ Del Sol from Delhi kept all the guests dancing on their toes and jumping into the pool with the go pros and drones clicking some amazing shots. This was the most fun event according to all of our friends and family, as nobody wanted to leave the awesome pool and the DJ didn’t want to stop playing until 6pm. I chose an off shoulder micro-dress with a ruffled sarong skirt on top by Vidis Closet by Hina Karani based in Dubai, matched with minimalistic earrings from Elle in Mumbai.



Thereafter, both sides rushed to get ready as the Baraat assembly was to start at 8pm and the guests had started to arrive for the wedding reception and the early morning pheras. The Baraat arrived at 10pm, after which a series of fun events like jooti chupaai and ribbon cutting occurred, which allowed the bride side a chance to earn a few bucks besides having loads of fun. I entered the Reception at around 11pm and completed the Jaimala ceremony while clicking family pics, after which we walked around the ballroom to meet everyone personally and click pictures with them.


At around 2:30am, after dinner etc. we proceeded for the Pheras – Saptapadi, by the pool side. We had a very long wedding ceremony, but all our family and friends were sitting with us singing songs, sipping on tea/coffee and enjoying the cool breeze. We got done only at 6:30am.

For the Pheras & Reception, I wore a kundan work lehenga, which weighed more than 20kgs, by Madan Fashions based in Delhi and chose heavy traditional double down jewelry to go with the outfit.

By now, both sides of the family were beyond knackered, but we had to proceed with bidding farewell to all the guests since they were all checking out of the hotel.


Wedding Venues:

Our criteria was to be as close to Delhi as possible. We wanted a dream palace wedding and after shortlisting ten venues in Jaipur, Manesar, Delhi and Haryana, we stumbled upon Noor Mahal in Karnal and absolutely fell in love with it! Its untouched beauty and the few destination weddings that it had hosted appealed to us the most, since most of my (bride’s) side was coming from out of India and we wanted to make it worthwhile for them. Its exquisite rooftop – Noor-e-Mehtaab; the  pool and its grand lawns – Raja Bagh and Rani Bagh – were the highlight of the venue. Not to mention the grand rooms that caught our eyes right from the beginning.



Few words on the photographer, videographer, hair/make-up artist, bartender and DJ:

We had a huge team of 12 + photographers and videographers covering all aspects of our wedding – the venue, the guests, the events, the bride, the groom and our families. They’ve done a great job in delivering our wedding teaser (https://vimeo.com/174791314). We are still receiving our pictures in batches and they look wonderful.


We thoroughly enjoyed the Mehendi folk band, who we had hired from Delhi. They ensured that everyone was on their feet dancing to their tunes and having a gala time.  DJ Kunaal along with the live LED dhol players set the dance floor on fire on the Sangeet night and the guests danced till the wee hours of the morning.


Advice for to-be-weds:

Frankly, any advise that I give may be hard to follow, as the emotions run really high during wedding preparations. Just go with the flow and work as hard as you want on the preps till about a week before the wedding and then just let it go.. hand it over to your wedding planners, family, friends etc. and make sure you enjoy the rest of the ride. Always make sure you have your family and friends around you to help you and take care of you as its your important day and you should feel special, no matter what.


Photography/Videography: Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings
Wedding Planner: Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Purvi
Henna Artist: Rahul (Karnal)
Bartenders: Prashant & his team
DJ’s: DJ Kunaal

Photo Courtesy: Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings