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Attention Brides-to-be: Beauty Regimes before your BIG DAY!

  1. Eat Right, Feel Amazing

Photo Source: The Quint

Of course, this rule should be followed by people at all times. However, ‘bridezillas’ should particularly ensure that they consume essential and nutritious meals/diets atleast 3-4 months before tying the knot! Adding loads of veggies and lean protein, hydrating yourself with the optimum water intake, and eating fruits is vital for a healthy body and glowing skin. A dietician could also be consulted for advice on meal plans suitable for a specific body type. But, do allow yourself some cheat days! Finally, it is important to enjoy the process of your own wedding, feel healthy, active and happy. As the saying goes ‘Create healthy habits, not restrictions’.

  1. Fitness for the body, mind and soul

Photo Source: Rayna Mcginnis Photography

Toxins out, toning in! A suitable workout regime, not only helps tone the body and strengthen the muscles so that you can fit into and sustain in your heavy wedding attire (just kidding), it also helps to remove toxins and achieve a glowing skin. Non-gymmers – don’t freak out on the thought of hardcore gymming with endless exercises! Workout can also be in the form of light home exercises, a simple walk/ jog, or even yoga. And just to add to the motivation, workout acts as a stressbuster which helps to calm your nerves down that usually get worked up during your busy wedding preps. Remember, ‘If you get tired, learn to rest, NOT quit!’

  1. The Skin Deep Beauty!

Photo Source: Fashion’s Runway

The importance of a bride’s healthy and glowing skin on D-Day cannot be stressed enough, as millions of eyes will be glued onto her, including those of humans, lights and cameras. Besides, to maintain the hydration and nutrition for a healthy skin, it is also important to follow appropriate skin care. Experimenting with new beauty products is an absolute No-No just before the wedding, so you must stick to the tried and tested products. If need be, consult a dermatologist for skin care consultation and required treatments. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be the norm to maintain your skin’s glow. Any other treatments like facials, body exfoliation, etc. should ideally begin atleast 3-4 months before the wedding, for it to show effects. And finally beauty sleep – even though preparations could give you some sleepless nights, it is extremely important to relax and sleep for 7-8 hours for a radiant skin, and to avoid dark circles as well.

  1. Wedding trials – Hair and Make-up

Photo Source: Wedding Compass

It is essential to schedule hair and make-up trials for the wedding functions, atleast 2 months before the actual day(s). It would be important for the bride to understand the style that she is comfortable with, something that would suit the overall look intended for the day. The make-up, specifically, should be tested for the colors/ shades being used, and how it would reflect in various light settings with the camera. The bride can make sure that any surprises are avoided on the actual function day, to keep everything as per the planned look.

  1. And finally…relax! Enjoy and be yourself!

Photo Source: Ever After Guide

Amidst the high-pressure environment where the entire house begins to look like a warehouse with bridal items just about anywhere and everywhere, it can get quite intimidating and stressful for the bride. However, it is important to calm down, relax, and have fun, as these days may not come back and it may not be the same again! These are the last few days of bachelorhood! Cherish these days by spending quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Book a spa session with besties, plan a bachelorette or just sit at home cuddling your cat – just make sure you enjoy the wedding process. Everything, eventually, will fall into place! After all, the happiest brides are the most beautiful ones!

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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