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Anay & Alysha's Wedding in Pattaya, Thailand

A beautiful, colourful and fun destination wedding in Thailand, Anay and Alysha’s celebration was a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

How we met:

We both met in 2011 when we returned home from different cities post graduation. Our common friends had invited us to play squash & badminton, where we hit it off instantly. We’ve only grown closer ever since – we used to explore the city together which had very little to offer in terms of social spaces/entertainment options, hence giving us a chance to be as creative with our time as desired. So there was no scope of any masks or filters; we were as real as it could get.

Soon enough, we realized that we could no longer be apart. Even today, when we think about it, the choice of being together felt so natural and obvious. But we knew we had to sort out our personal lives, aspirations and dreams. So we decided a time to tell the same to our parents and when they found out about our love for each other, they were the happiest people we knew.

Anay and I, both share the same values of living in the moment and the beauty of memories. So he proposed to me during one of our little adventures, while exploring the far away forests and landscapes. And that one ‘Yes!’, has now become our life.

Schedule of events and outfits worn on each function:

Welcome party – It was completely based on the local cultural aesthetics of Thailand – there were Thai women to welcome us traditionally, and their costumes, refreshments and all the other arrangements were Thai themed.

Mehendi – This being the first function, everyone was all dressed up and ready to party, and was easily one of the best functions. The arrangements here were centred around the color white, which brought out all the other colours we were wearing. There were cute white umbrellas, a DJ, fun games to get the party started, massage therapists, a portrait artist and other entertainers as well. The best part was when we both entered the venue in an ATV (it was one of my wildest dreams to enter in such a way). There was even a wall where our wedding hashtag #Alyshaan was decorated with beautiful flowers – everyone loved taking loads of pictures here.

Sangeet – This event was themed around Moulin Rogue, with black and red dominating the color scheme. All of us wore cocktail dresses and danced like crazy to some amazing music. The after party was even more fun, what with some of the best singers and performers performing for us. Our families came together to dance and welcome both of us as well.

Bachelors – The night followed a lab theme, with caterers in lab coats. The food and drinks were served the same way. It was the perfect time to unwind and enjoy the transition, as everyone danced and grooved with us.

Haldi – This was one of the best events, where our families danced and enjoyed the traditions, while preparing us to look our best by scrubbing us with loads of Indian herbs. Personally, we liked this function the most as it was so much more intimate. The groom’s clothes were torn, and I (the bride) was treated with so much love and care. It was the perfect balance of fun and tradition. The dancing that followed was one of the best memories.

Pool Party – This was beach-themed and had a lot of props for everyone to look quirkier and prepped. There were pool trampolines and everyone had the time of their lives singing, dancing and swimming. There were performers for this event, who played the drums and even did the hula dance with us.

Wedding – This was, by far, the most intense function. Our entries were very unique – Anay came in a vintage car and I came on a boat. It signified the adventurous journey we had taken to unite forever.

The Varmala was done in the middle of the pool, and was soon followed by the Reception which had some elegant decor. There was a woman playing the violin, another instrument we love, who led the way for the next ceremony.
When it was finally time for the vows, we moved to the stage, which was set with a backdrop of the endless ocean under the open sky. It couldn’t be more perfect and beautiful for us! The wedding was finally followed by the Bidaai (farewell), which was even more intense.

Outfit details:
1) Mehendi Dress: Tarun Tahiliani
2) Sangeet Dress: Shantanu & Nikhil
3) Pool Party Dress: Kavita Bhartia
4) Wedding Lehenga: Rohit Bal

Wedding Venues:

The hotel we chose, Royal Cliff Grand, was in one of the most perfect locations in Pattaya, Thailand. Reciting our vows in the middle of the night, under the stars with the ocean in the backdrop and our friends, family and well-wishers in the front, was just perfect!

Advice for to-be-weds (one or two sentences):

Personally, we both didn’t take the stress of organising, inviting or arranging anything for our wedding; our families and friends were very supportive and understanding and took the lead on it. This gave us the chance to actually relax and enjoy becoming a couple as well as enjoy all the arrangements. I strongly believe that, when a couple is getting married, they should focus on enjoying the little moments that bring them together and leave all the logistics to family/ friends. And be assured, your family will ensure and strive to get what you desire for your most special day. For us, our wedding was more than anything we had ever imagined or hoped for.

Photographer/Videographer: Studio Snapster by Mukesh Vyas & team
Wedding Planner: Krish Events, Thailand
Make-up Artist: Anjali Bhasker – Ablaze by Simran, Thailand
Hair Stylist:
Boonjan Phatthaisong
Henna Artist: 
Noor Jahan, Hyderabad
MC: Resham Bhalla
Venue: Royal Cliff Group of Hotels, Pattaya, Thailand
Bride’s Outfits: Mehendi – Tarun Tahiliani | Sangeet – Shantanu & Nikhil | Pool Party – Kavita Bhartia | Wedding – Rohit Bal