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Aaron & Nishi's Proposal in Paris, France

Aaron’s version:

It was a hilarious moment when we met in university. I didn’t know her at all, I just knew that she was really pretty. However, my attitude was that of a thinker during the time and she ran up to me asking me something studies-related, which I couldn’t care less about. Over time, her enthusiasm and constant bickering just started to grow on me and I would say the same thing goes for me too, but in a different way I reckon.

The Proposal:

This was a real pain in the behind. It took a lot of calls and a whole lot of emails and became a hassle, considering I was doing everything on my own, that too from another country during a very busy period.

Talks about ‘the ring’ with my parents and sibling was a bit of a breeze. I was pretty clueless and needed all the help, and thankfully I was able to get this done in time. My priority, at first, was to just have a simple proposal in Paris (no inclination towards Disneyland whatsoever). However, after my constant checks with her friends, I overheard that she’d like some sort of soul to the proposal; in other words, it should be a really nice proposal. Damn, did I get my intentions wrong, but since I still had some time on my plate, I ended up contacting Disneyland. It took all the effort possible to get a booking in itself and I ended up paying through the skin of my teeth for the telephone bills.

The choice was simple: proposal in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle with a ring and a bouquet of roses to be handed over during that time. What I was in for was completely different because they ended up making it a huge surprise for me too! D-Day arrived and I had hidden the ring secretly and she had absolutely no clue as to what was going to happen (well, maybe a little inclination was there but not enough to throw her off). I dressed up well (which is not usually the case) and I told her to wear what she wants (which I do regret now considering the amount of bickering I got for that idiotic ordeal). But I needed to make sure she had no clue about anything. Also, the proposal was supposed to happen at the end of the day, and it was a very long day as we ended up going in the afternoon heat of Paris, which was boiling.

Once we reached there, I had to talk to a lady, so getting rid of Nishi became a headache since she kept asking who this woman was that I was talking to? I just lied by stating that we had won something for free and they would give us something cool in return. Somehow, I finally went and met the lady and just when I was about to hand the ring over to her, Nishi started walking towards us at a brisk pace, which meant we needed to change the conversation yet again.

The lady ultimately presented us with this so-called draw-winning award wherein we got VIP access to watch the fireworks at the end of the night in front of the castle. This was awesome, but yeah, I still needed to give her the ring! For some reason, Nishi sat down to get ready to go on all the rides in the hotel lobby itself, which gave me some breathing space to run and give the ring box to the lady. Thankfully, that worked out perfectly.

The day was ending and the exhaustion had started to creep in. We were supposed to go meet our coordinator, which again was a part of the ‘deal’, along with a photographer (which I was aware about). We ended up taking a ton of photos, which almost looked wedding-like, and I felt like it would sort of give it away a bit too much. However, when we finally got done, they lead us to our VIP area which scared me to the bone. They had provided us a VIP box in front of thousands of people waiting to watch the fireworks and they created a personal countdown for me to be ready to propose. The end of the countdown began and the last set of photos were taken, after which I was asked to stand and finally propose to my love. Everyone started screaming in unison and I was probably more embarrassed than her. But you got to do what you got to do. I’m just glad everything went super smoothly, with no major hiccups. After all the screaming and the entertaining fireworks with fountains (which was the best way to calm our nerves down), we finally left to go back where we spent a sleepless night texting the rest of the world of what had just happened.

Nishi’s version:

We met in university and were in the same class. He was a back bencher with a big boy’s crew, so I had to take up the second last row – this became our seating arrangement for the next few years. When I first tried to find out their names by asking them directly, he rolled his eyes at me, which I thought was a very strange and hilarious response. This, in turn, made me question him non-stop and his irritated look and rolling of eyes kept me entertained over the years. Soon, we became best friends and, apart from my girlfriends, he seemed like the only sensible person who
understood me.

The Proposal:

With our friends getting engaged, we discussed our engagement as well, wherein he mentioned he wanted it to be just me and him. On the other hand, I wanted atleast 10 people to witness our special moment and didn’t want to do it in hiding; needed someone to take a picture atleast, which we could cherish for life.

Prior to the proposal, I had begun suspecting something, since both our siblings were acting strange. He let the topic die down and I let it go as well. One day, I was told Disney had randomly picked us to be extras for some pictures.

On the day we were visiting Disneyland, it seemed as if he had put an effort into dressing up – he wasn’t wearing his regular metal shirt or football shirt which was weird. He said he was out of tshirts and I believed him and tried to find the most laid-back outfit for myself. I then asked him if it was okay, because I was wondering if this could be the day! If he would ask me to change, I would know instantly, but my girlfriends or mom didn’t say anything either, so I thought it isn’t the right time.

So we went to Disneyland and I was in a very relaxed mood, which Aaron didn’t like as he wanted me to be excited. I took my camera along since it was so pretty, but he was impatient while I took pictures (maybe because he knew we would have an entire photo session later).

The Disney employees had everything set – they gave me an envelope which said we had won a VIP experience to see the fireworks with a photoshoot of us watching the fireworks. However, they seemed to give me extra attention and explanations which I didn’t even ask for, and I wasn’t able to verify any information from them because they would use language barrier as an excuse and say they didn’t understand me (obviously they had to keep up the lies).

During the shoot, I thought I would never get a chance to have a couple’s photoshoot since he will never agree to such a cheesy thing, so I decided to make the most of it.

Once we reached the VIP area, I took one look at the crowd and couldn’t see where it ended and thought it would not happen at all since he wanted it to be private. He seemed to be sweating and walking around which seemed strange. A Disney employee gave me an explanation of why the castle was pink instead of blue and white – it was because we were VIP; it didn’t strike me then, because I was busy making a guess list of which characters will appear in the show!

Soon we had our last picture taken and suddenly he told me that I will understand the reason for all the confusion now. I turned around and saw a lady holding a small box and a bouquet of roses, I realised it was happening right now and got such a fright that I wanted to run away! Luckily, the space was closed off with ropes, but I still tried to hide in a last ditch attempt. He put me in position and went down on one knee – that’s when the crowd realised what was happening and they started screaming and chanting for me to say ‘Yes’!

It was happening so fast, that all I had ever thought I would feel didn’t happen; instead, I was just smiling in shock and was embarrassed by the crowd’s cheers.

He asked and I said ‘Yes!’, and we quickly sat down, but there was no time for it to sink in since the show had begun, which was spectacular and emotionally engaging. Once it was over, the crowd kept wishing us until we left.

Everyone on the streets of Paris seemed to know what had happened.

Of course, we spent the rest of the night talking about what he had just managed to pull off and me piecing things together and then we informed all our friends.