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A veil of emotions…

Behind the Indian wedding veil is a bundle of overwhelming emotions that the pretty bride goes through as she takes each vow for her new beginning. We unveil what goes on under the veil here…


Photo Source: Cool Bluez Photography

Months of preparation bring her to the D-day she has been dreaming of since she was a girl, and make her experience a medley of emotions – ranging from stress and anticipation, to nostalgia and excitement. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, she’s going through a life transition, wherein she’ll have feelings of sadness and loss while bidding adieu to old loved ones, and experience joy and excitement while starting a new life with her future family.

Let’s explore some in detail:

  • Being happy feels so ‘crazy’

This was supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but you feel like you’re going to break down any moment now! You feel out of sorts, but when you look at your future partner, everything seems to die down and you feel crazily happy all over again!


Photo Source: Into Candid Photography

  • Jittery, Bittery

You don’t feel yourself at times, and seem as vulnerable as a child on his first day at school. I mean c’mon, you ARE entering a brand new stage in your life – full of responsibilities and new experiences. You start over-analyzing things which seem to leave you as exhausted as ever. And the worst part is, you can’t really tell anyone ‘coz one, no one would understand, and two, you don’t want to give a bad impression about your relationship. There comes a point where you even feel like calling off the wedding, just to get rid of all that anxiety and emotional pain and oh-so-much-of-confusion.


Photo Source: Two Fireflies One Camera

  • More sad than happy

You’re leaving your childhood, family, old ties, and most importantly, your singlehood behind and can’t help but feel sad and nostalgic about growing up. In this state, it’s normal to become critical of your fiancé, be worried of how marriage will change you and even feel unprepared to become a wife.


Photo Source: Cool Bluez Photography

But hey, don’t you worry child.. as heaven’s got a plan for you! You’re not the only bride-to-be to feel this way, and in the end, you will only look back with a lot of excitement and optimism and realize it was all worth it!


Lots of love and positive vibes,

Namrata The Scriptwriter

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