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A Surprise Bridal Shower Planned For 4 Brides!

My bridal shower looked like a scene from a fairy tale. Everything was so beautifully put up by the team bride. The special part about my shower was that it wasn’t mine alone. I was privileged to share it with 3 other brides.

All the 4 brides had a common friend – Falen and she hosted the shower at her residence for us.

She asked us to arrive at the venue at 5pm sharp dressed in pink; of course the purpose for this meet wasn’t disclosed. I thought it must’ve been some sort of a friends’ reunion because I had just come back from the UAE and hadn’t met my girls in a very long time.

Nevertheless, when I arrived at the venue, I was greeted with a beautiful surprise by the team bride. Everything was so beautiful and pink and such a treat to the eyes. The decor, the set up, the flowers and everything was pink in color.

My best friend, Sabrina, was also present at the venue, along with some other close friends and mates.

Our sashes were personalized with our names and they looked oh so pretty. We had flower wreathes, cupcakes, donuts and, of course, there was special homemade wine.

Our hostess, Falen, raised an emotional toast to us brides and almost got us into tears; we played a game to lighten the mood soon after.

And, of course, there was loads of food, ranging from chicken cheese balls, potato crisps, pani puri, donuts and delicious cupcakes.

I had a delightful evening. Thanks to my girls , ‘twas a Bridal shower to remember <3

Submitted by: Rowena Pereira

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