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8 Must Have Shots for every Bride!

Bridal portraits are the soul of a wedding album as they show a bride, resplendent in her wedding finery and animated with emotions, before, during and after tying the knot. Most brides are stressed during their wedding days and lose out on special memories that will be cherished forever. So here we outline some must-have wedding shots for every bride.


Photo Source: Pinterest

  • ‘Getting Ready’ Portraits


Photo Source: Bride Vs. Groom

Behind the scenes’ portraits of a bride getting ready are some of the most memorable shots as they capture her excitement in an unrehearsed way. This is a great way to capture spontaneous emotions. Candid close up shots of her hair and make-up add the extra edge to the album, whereas most other pictures are posed for and rehearsed.

  • Jewelry Details


Photo Source: Pinterest

A perfect bridal portrait calls for stunning jewelry as it adds compelling complexity to a bridal portrait where the face is the highlight.

  • Bridal Close-ups


Photo Source: Pinterest

Every expression of the bride is captured up, close and personal so no details are left out.

  • The Wedding Lehenga 


Photo Source: Pinterest

The wedding lehenga is one thing that most of the crowd awaits to see the most. A wedding album would be incomplete with a full picture of the wedding lehenga adorned by the bride.

  • Bride in Motion


Photo Source: Pinterest

Pictures of the bride in motion have their own life and place in a bridal portrait collection. Be it at the reception, wedding or sangeet, a swirl or swish of their outfit adds the extra ‘wow’ factor to the wedding album.

  • Mehndi Moments

Photo Source: Lin & Jirsa

Close-ups of mehndi designs – which are nothing less than an intricate art form – are essential in a wedding album.

  • With the Bridesmaids


Photo Source: The Crimson Bride

What’s a bridal portrait session without the best friends around? Brides should brainstorm with their photographers about the best ways to incorporate the girlie gang into shoots. With their matching bridesmaids’ clothes, but unique personalities, every friend will add a different vibe to the group photos – and the memories will be treasured by all for years to come.

  • The Grand Entry

Photo Source: Pinterest

One of the most emotionally intense moments for any bride is when she heads down the aisle or makes a grand entry towards the mandap. There is an air of festive finality to this most photographed moment that everyone has been waiting for.

Submitted by: Shivani Aildasani

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