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8 Interesting Wedding Traditions Around The World!

Many people are aware of the traditional American ring exchange, but what about ceremonies from other countries around the world? Whether you’re just curious or want to go beyond a traditional ceremony, read on to explore 7 fascinating and different traditions, different from our first edition. Love may be universal, but these ceremonies certainly aren’t!

  • Carrying Fire: South Africa

Photo Source: Flickr

This one is for the parents of the bride, who bring fire from their own fireplaces to the home of the newlyweds. The bride and groom then use the flames of their childhood homes to ignite the hearth of their new home. If one doesn’t have a fireplace, they can try going smaller scale with candles.

  • Breaking the White Bell: Guatemala

Photo Source: Gerry Duffy Wedding Videos

According to Guatemala, you can bring a white bell to the wedding for the mother of the groom. She will break the bell to welcome the newlyweds to the party. It’ll be filled with flour, rice and grains to bring luck and prosperity.

  • Money Dance: Poland

Photo Source: TallyPress

Polish tradition allows guests to buy dances with the bride at her reception. The maid of honor collects the charges so that all of the money collected can go right towards the couple’s honeymoon. I know lots of brides who would have a lot of fun with this tradition!

  • Ransoming the Bride: Romania

Photo Source: Flickr & Daily Mail

This might sound a little extreme, but trust me, the bride is perfectly safe throughout this mock-abduction game! Before the wedding ceremony, the bride is kidnapped by friends, family or hired entertainers. It’s the groom’s job to rescue her by paying ransom through drinks, money or romantic gestures. This tradition is common in multiple countries though, like Russia, Germany, and Wales.

  • Unity Bowl: Australia

Photo Source: UpSmash

For this ceremony, guests are given stones and asked to hold them during the ceremony. Afterwards, the stones are placed in a decorative bowl which the couple keeps and displays to remember the support and presence of their families.

  • Confetti: Italy

Photo Source: The Barn

In Italian, “confetti” actually refers to sugary treats like almonds. Previously, they were given to wedding guests and thrown at the bride and groom, although now they’ve just been replaced by the expected scraps of paper.

  • Henna: India

Photo Source: Mehndi Designer

Many people have heard of Henna tattoos, which are basically ornate and temporary designs applied to the hands and feet of the bride and her female friends and family. They’re meant to increase the flow of blessings and are applied as a sacred ritual.

  • Ribbon Pull: England

Photo Source: Catherine Guidry Photography

Finally we arrive in England, where small silver charms are attached to ribbons and placed between layers of the wedding cake. Just before the cake is cut, bridesmaids and unmarried female guests pull the ribbons. The woman who gets the ribbon with a ring charm attached to it is said to be the one who will get married next!

There are so many different and beautiful wedding traditions out there that you can think about for your wedding. Any one of these is a great way to show your love and commitment to one another, or to start your married life with something meaningful. The hard part is figuring out which one you like the most!

Submitted by: Elena Tahora

Elena is a passionate fashion blogger and an avid traveler. She loves to write about her travel experiences.  When she is not travelling or writing, Elena enjoys swimming and going for long country walks. She’s working as digital influencer for American Tungsten.

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