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6 Props That Will Make Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Extraordinary!

Becoming quite a trend these days, pre-wedding shoots are a way for the couple to re-create their bond in a more casual way. Various props can be added to make it innovative and interesting. Here is a list of ideas:

  1. Confetti

Photo Source: Wedding Eye

Add color and shine to photos by adding confetti. This could be added to the background, or couples could also blow it out. Either ways, it lights up the photo.

  1. Holi

Photo Source: Singapore Brides

Again, another colorful moment could be highlighted with colors of Holi Powder.

  1. Bubbles

Photo Source: Project Wedding

Let the love blow in the air, through fascinating bubbles.

  1. Phones

Photo Source: myShaadi

Here is a new tech way to express your bond through the ever-so-important phone.

  1. Balloons

Photo Source: True Photography Weddings

Yet another colorful way of blowing love in the air. Various sizes can be used to create the desired impact. Clear balloons could also be filled with confetti.

  1. Frames

Photo Source: Book Eventz

Frames can be used in different ways to capture moments within it together. Smaller individual frames can also be used for both.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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