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5 Shots You MUST Click With Your Bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids not only add glamour to your wedding, but also aid you with the nitty-gritties on your special day.

Here are the top 5 shots you MUST click with your bridesmaids, and make it a fun wedding bar none!

  • The Boss Bride

Photo Source: Ezwed

When you can’t help but feel like a boss and your wish becomes everyone’s command.

  • The hearty laugh

Photo Source: Haring Photography

Your wedding is your D-day, but it as big for your squad as it is for you. And when it goes just the way you had planned it, a hearty laugh is well deserved.

  • The wedding selfie

Photo Source: Everyone Dresses

Everyone is selfie-sh these days and the wedding selfie with your squad is a must.

  • The team

Photo Source: Pinterest

When the wedding is finally over, the ladki-wale and ladke–wale are sure to unite to bid goodbye to the couple’s bachelorhood and this is surely the best way to capture the moment.

  • The happily-ever-after shot

Photo Source: Xyra’s Photography

Your bridesmaids are your ‘constants’, as they have been with you through thick and thin and they probably know your story better than anyone else. Hence, there’s no better way than ending it with your squad than this.

Submitted by: Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet is an articulate writer who writes to feed her soul. For feeding her stomach, she works as an English trainer, training students and professionals for competitive language exams. She is realistic, rebellious and robust. Not manacled by a particular genre of writing, her interest is in varied domains like Lifestyle, Marriage, Global issues, sagas and styling. Hence, defying the proverb ”Jack of all but King of none”. You can check out her blogemail her, or get in touch through Facebook and Instagram.

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