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5 Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Abu Dhabi!

Have you had enough of the over done cliché backdrops for almost all pre-wedding shoots in Dubai? Are you looking for different locations but don’t want to travel too far? Abu Dhabi is the ideal solution as it’s just a 2 hour drive away and consists of a variety of rustic and modern architectural wonders.

Keep scrolling for some of our top picks to give your pre-wedding shoot a refreshing splash of wonderful backdrops.

  • Emirates Palace

If you have a royal wedding in mind, head to this amazing 5 star property in the heart of Abu Dhabi. From marveling Arabian architecture to breathtaking beach views, this hotel encapsulates the best of Middle East in one location. In addition to that, the luxurious interiors will definitely add an extra oomph to all your pictures.

Photo Source: Kempinski Hotels

Photo Source: Imprint Studio

Photo Source: Picture Art Company

  •  Sheikh Zayed Mosque

If you’re looking for something more serene, head to the Grand Mosque and be mesmerized by this great marble structure. The white marble background proves to be a great way to experiment and add color to the subject. My personal favorite is the marble wall which serves as a perfect depiction of the blossoming love between the couple.

Photo Source: Flickr

Photo Source: ALJVD Photography

Photo Source: Picture Perfect India

  • Yas Island

Take a trip to Yas Island for an adventure of a lifetime, and some great photo ops. Capture candid pictures as a couple in the bustling mall, or a theme park, or better yet the racing track. Yas Island is perfect for the adventurous and not too mushy couple.

Photo Source: Instagram

Photo Source: Roadtrips

  • Abu Dhabi Corniche

Nothing beats the simplicity of some sand and water in your picture. But the futuristic skyline of the capital is going to set you apart from the cliché skylines. The untapped beauty of Etihad towers will surely add an extra dimension to your romance.

Photo Source: Instagram

Photo Source: Instagram

  •  Sadiyaat Golf Club

Never underestimate the eternal beauty of lush green fields. This natural backdrop gives you a chance to make your photo-shoot simplistic focusing more on you as a couple. Add balloons and banners to bring out your inner child.

Photo Source: Saadiyat

Submitted by: Vandna Lilaramani

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