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That Foodie Chick’s Bridal Shower In Mumbai Included Massage Treatments By The Visually Impaired!

My bridal shower was organized by my sister, Puja at her residence. She literally arranged for everything – from spa treatments by visually impaired girls to the decor to return gifts (which, by the way, were personalized Nutella jars and soaps) – every single thing was taken care of by her. I just had to show up 🙂

There’s a salon in Bandra (Mumbai), named Metta Spa, that specializes in spa treatments by the visually impaired. They’re always sold out and it’s almost impossible to get an appointment with them if you call in last minute. On my bridal shower, we had two girls who were pampering everyone with their outstanding head, shoulder, back and leg massages!

Talk about relaxed Saturday brunches…or should I say drunches!

Photographer: Chetan Chonkar from Creatives Concepts
Bartender: Bar Solutions, Cocktails & Dreams
Spa: Metta Spa
Nutella Jars: Project Happiness
Soaps: Soap Opera
Conceptualised and organised by: Puja Popley

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Guest Post: Present An Infinity Rose To Your Partner On Your Wedding Day To Express Your Profound Love!

Finding just the right gift to express the depths of your emotions for someone special in your life can be a challenge. It’s not easy to find a gift that will be appreciated and convey your true intentions as well. To show your admiration, respect and love to someone special or to someone getting married, gift them an Infinity Rose so that your values and sentiments are captured gloriously.

An Infinity Rose never fades away or goes out of style, and is hence a great gifting option. It’s as beautiful and precious as a real rose, and is long lasting and retains its value over time, and can thus be passed down for generations. Reasonable at its best, nothing replaces the look or feel of this Rose.

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