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Punjabi Wedding Traditions!

Punjabi weddings are celebrated with great pomp and show. They are well known for all their glitz and glamor and obviously, good food. It is impossible to resist the tempting delicacies, the latkas-jatkas (dance) and the thrilling fervor it brings along. Once over, you are bound to miss the sumptuous wedding like hell.

Talking about the wedding traditions, they are a motley collection of colors, vogue, food, dance and faith. Let me take you through the seven days of a Punjabi wedding and give you the feels.

Photo Source: James Thomas Long Photography

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Guest Post: 6 Tips in creating your Own Wedding Flower Arrangement!

Earlier, consumers would spend a lot on flower arrangements for a certain event. Now, most people have become practical in their choices – they select their own materials and buy anything reasonably priced from the market in order to create their own decor. A wedding is one of the biggest events in this world for any person and it is important to consider a lot of things. If you are planning on creating your own wedding flower arrangement, then you’re on the right page.

Photo Source: Karen Tran Florals

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Pre-wedding shoot with Divine Mantra Pictures

Divine Mantra Pictures, also known as Kapil Sharma’s Photography, came to Dubai recently for a pre-wedding shoot. The Wedding Script went ‘behind the scenes’ with this Delhi-based photography team as they shot the nervousness and romance of this newly arranged couple. Giving their crew and the couple a specific direction, Divine Mantra’s lead photographers Kapil and Ira ensured the shoot went smoothly and was filled with fun and creativity.


Check out the brief interview with the team and snapshots from the gorgeous pre-wedding shoot which highlight the vibe of Dubai beautifully.

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