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Guest Post: The Perfect Bridal Nails

Everyone wants to have beautifully presented and good-looking nails, especially on their wedding day. Every nail technician seems to have their own idea about how ‘perfect nails’ should look like on one’s wedding day, and hence there are various bridal nail trends.

So if you have a wedding on the horizon, here are a few tips on how to get your nails looking absolutely fabulous!

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Photo Source: Glam Nails

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Pakistani wedding traditions

Every culture follows a different set of wedding traditions. Today, we explore the mix of different rituals at Pakistani weddings, from engagement festivities to the Walima – all bearing their own Islamic and traditional importance.

Did you know – In Pakistan, the system of arranged marriage is mostly followed, wherein the entire family is involved in the wedding preparations.

pakistani wedding

Photo Source: WSSA Co.

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Guest Post: Useful tips from a Wedding Dance Specialist

Your first dance will be one of the most special moments you share with your partner during the wedding. While your friends and family will watch you and your spouse sway softly (or show off smooth choreographed moves), the two of you will be the only ones on the dance floor. Without a doubt it’s one of the most intimate, joyous moments of your wedding day, and the first opportunity you both have to savor your newly-minted status as husband and wife.

Hence, to ensure it turns out to be perfect, here are some tips from a wedding dance specialist.

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Photo Source: Dance Studios Dubai

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Guest Post: Preparing your Kids to attend a Wedding

Going to a wedding as a family is a wonderful occasion, but taking your children with you can really cause some justified worrying on your part. As a guest, you wouldn’t want your child to start crying or complaining during the ceremony or the speeches. Preparing your child to be a guest at the wedding might be a challenge, but you know your kids best which will definitely aid you in the preparation.

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Photo Source: Easy Weddings

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