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Guest Post: Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-be

Suppose your best friend is about to get married. Even though you know almost everything about her, you might be completely confused as to what to get for her wedding. All you know is that you need to give her something memorable and unique which she’ll cherish. There are good gifts and then there are great gifts, which she can boast about to her kids in the future. For the wedding couple, it’s not the cost of the gift that matters – it’s just the thought that counts.

So here are the top four unique and customized gift ideas which you can get for the bride-to-be:

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Guest Post: Invitation Trends 2016

With the New Year comes a host of newly engaged couples searching for wedding invitation inspirations. While traditional Indian wedding ceremonies have been huge events in the past, 2016 will see modern couples narrowing down their guest lists and reinventing rituals to ensure they have a fun, and affordable, Big Day.

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As invitations are the first peek your guests will get of your upcoming wedding, here are some fresh trends which follow a new mantra – “personalize your wedding”. While some are continuations of trends that emerged in 2015, the others are new and are fast rising to popularity.

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Guest Post: How to hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding day – a day filled with love, romance, family and all things beautiful. But as all couples state under oath that although wedding arrangements are tons of fun, there is no getting away from the tedious task of planning a wedding. It includes deadlines, drama, endless details and, of course, too much stress that leaves you all baffled and puzzled.

We all want a wedding where ‘love’ is the theme and ‘fun’ becomes the emotion of the day; and you may, in all possibilities, hire a wedding planner to ease you from all the worries. He will embrace your style and vision and orchestrate your wedding from start to finish.

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Well, we must say that it’s a lot easier to hire any other vendor than a planner, for example a photographer, because you may get to know them through their work displayed over the website. But wedding planners fall in between. Their job is both visual and logistical, and while you may be able to see the visual aspect through their website, the logistics will be hard to showcase.

Now before you are on pins and needles, follow the below listed guidelines and ask the listed questions to your wedding planner. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the perfect professional who is more of an extension of you and your thoughts, and who will help you realize the desired wedding of your dream.

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Guest Post: Grooming the Groom – The Wedding Shirt

Gentlemen, the moment of reckoning approaches. The day your soon-to-be-missus has long been dreaming of and the day you have been thinking of since she brought it up. Truth be told, most men look forward to their wedding day. Let’s face it: all we have to do is show up. Our future brides have a certain idea of what they want, and we’re more than happy to let them grab the reins.


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There is one aspect of the wedding day that lies upon our shoulders – the outfit. Needless to say, this special occasion warrants looking your best. While there are endless variations and combinations of suits, tuxedos and even the occasional kilt, the common denominator with every groom’s ensemble is the Shirt.  With our indifference towards colors and palettes, this can be a feat for many.

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Guest Post: Personalizing your Wedding with Balloons

If there’s one thing that can uplift the mood of a couple, it is the balloons’ decoration which could lend a special and energetic feel to the wedding. An auspicious wedding event must also be loaded with fun and excitement and, it for this reason, that we have come up with the trendiest and most classy balloons’ decoration for a wedding event.

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Guest Post: Planning the ultimate Hen Party

Any girl would be delighted to be asked to become a bridesmaid for her friend and, even more so, if they are to be the maid of honor. Think of the glamour, the dresses and shoes, getting their hair and makeup done – sounds so exciting! But there is also a lot of work and responsibility involved in being a bridesmaid or maid of honor. Firstly, you have to think about the most important event of the bride’s life: the hen party. Since you are now officially the Hen Party Planner, you need to ensure that the beautiful bride-to-be’s last big night out is perfect! Here are a few things you should keep in mind when organizing the ultimate hen party.


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Off-beat yet Gorgeous Honeymoon spots in Europe

Europe seems to be the best choice for a honeymoon, with the city of love, Paris topping the charts. There are the archetypical cities of Florence, Rome, Prague, etc. as well. However, Europe has a lot more to offer to a newlywed couple who is looking forward to spend quality time together, devoid the hustle and bustle of a typical European destination brimming with camera-clad tourists. If you are looking for a destination where the only attraction on your checklist is your special someone, look no further. Here is a list of charming, offbeat, romantic treasures in Europe, which provide the setting for the idyllic honeymoon of one’s dreams.

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