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Firstly, welcome aboard on the ‘bride-to-be’ bandwagon – it’s going to be one hell of a ride! Always remember that you need to keep perspective – even though it’s just one day of your life (albeit one of the most important!), it’s mainly a huge celebration of your love for each other, and the celebrations are all about having fun!

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Photo Source: Sugaholic Bakery

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Guest Post: Wedding Registry in India

You’ve just had a fairytale wedding, the one that you’ve always dreamt of since you were a child. But when you open the presents the next day, it turns out to be a nightmare. One friend who recently got married said she’d received so many kitchen appliances and crockery sets that she could set up a restaurant! Another said that the gifts she received were really of no use to her and was clueless how and where to accommodate them.

On the other hand, as guests, we spend days deciding the gift, create WhatsApp groups and end up buying something we think the couple would like.

Have you experienced this? I have! Not once or twice but multiple times, as a guest. But this was until I chanced upon wedding gift registry websites in India. While gift registries have been hugely popular in the west, the concept is yet to catch up in India.

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Photo Source: Wedding Wishlist

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Guest Post: Wedding favors

Every couple wants a wedding that reflects their personality. They want to divulge into the smallest of details which will be seen and adored by their guests. But can this be achieved without attaching a huge price tag to these details, without compromising on the quality? Yes, definitely. Here are a few quirky ideas.

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Chinese Wedding Traditions

Every culture follows a different set of wedding traditions. Today, as we explore weddings in China, we realize that all the rituals preceding the wedding, are steeped in ancient traditions.

Did you know – In China, the groom has to send 3 formal letters to the bride’s family if he wishes to marry her. Without these letters, the marriage will not be considered culturally valid!


Photo Source: 123RF

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Guest Post: Decor & Details Part 2

Our first post on Decor & Details received rave reviews, and hence we decided to publish another blog post on the same!

Whether you are planning a simple wedding or a big one, you cannot afford to neglect the importance of wedding décor. A perfect wedding decoration goes a long way in setting the theme of the wedding, hence adding a polished finish to the auspicious event. With this in mind, here are a couple of unique wedding ideas/decorations that you should consider for your big day.

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