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11 Times Floral Decor Arrangements Were Done Right!

Whether you are at a North Indian wedding, a Christian wedding, an Orthodox wedding, a South Indian wedding, or a Muslim wedding, there is one element that binds them all together (no, we are not talking about the bride and groom). It’s the floral arrangements. No wedding in the world is complete without some flowers to add to the celebration in some way. Whether it be a sign of fertility or their aesthetic value, a floral wreathe or a bouquet of flowers are somehow always present.

Since they are so crucial to a wedding, don’t overlook the floral arrangements that will adorn your special day. Take a look at some of the most unique and beautiful floral arrangements that will have the guests gushing and you blushing.

1.    Garland-Draped Ceiling

Photo Source: Judy Pak Photography

These leafy green garlands will instantly give a magical forest and earthy feel to you and your guests.

2.    Flower Backdrop

Photo Source: Brandon Werth Photography

Not only is it a chic and gorgeous way to spruce up an empty wall, a flower backdrop is also ideal for bringing attention to the cake table, the bar or anything else you want to highlight.

  1. Lampshade Centerpieces

Photo Source: Steven Michael Photography

Amp up the class and creativity by adding this twist to your tabletop flowers. Create lampshades out of moss and use them to top vases. And voila! You have easy, stylish and very unique lamps to use as centerpieces.

  1. Floral Chandeliers

Photo Source: Kina Wicks Photography

Replace the traditional crystal chandelier for a hanging arrangement of flowers that mimics the look and feel of a light fixture. Try hanging long strings of flowers, like these pink hyacinths, and cover the top in greenery and berries for a garden-fresh feel.

5.    Inverted Gardens

Photo Source: Donna Von Bruening

Want an oomph-factor in your wedding? Opt for an upside down floral installation for the ultimate ‘wow’ element. Not only will it look amazing, it will also save plenty of space on the dance floor. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

6.    Upside-Down Garden

Photo Source: Hazelnut Photography

If one upside-down installation is not grand enough, why not cover the entire ceiling in flowers? The result will be beautiful, while still looking natural and unassuming.

7.    Hanging Potted Plants

Photo Source: Judy Pak Photography

Going for a rustic, cute wedding look? Suspend some good ol’ potted plants from a wall and place old bicycle wheels or other thrifted items nearby to create a fun, quaint look. Plus, you can use these potted plants as home décor after the wedding!

8.    Ombre Table Runner

Photo Source: Cristina Navarro Photography

Are you the chic bride? Or maybe you’re just indecisive about colors. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with an ombre floral runner. By keeping the gradient in similar tones and using a plain tablecloth, you’ll have a runner that is eye-catching without being ostentatious.

9.    Floral Table Runners

Photo Source: Jason Kindig

Want to forgo the new trends and have a classic white wedding? Floral table runners that cascade over the ends of long feasting tables provide an understated drama that provides this classic décor a bold twist.

  1. Lush Monograms

Photo Source: Orange Turtle Photography

What screams louder than your initials? Getting a floral monogram is not only a way to make the décor more personal, it can also welcome guests to the ceremony or be hung from a wall or tree to make a statement.

11.    Hanging Glass Globes

Photo Source: Kate McElwee Photography

Combine various elements by hanging these flower-filled glass globes from the ceiling, a wall or a few trees. Keep it minimalistic with white flowers, or opt for bright flowers like these for a more cheerful look.

Submitted by: Tanvi Chadha

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