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10 Absolute Must-Have Photos With Your Friend Squad At Your Wedding!

Your friends will add the best of memories and fun to your wedding, so make sure you capture some memorable pictures with them. Here are some ideas for a few interesting photos:

  1. Carefree

Photo Source: Huffington Post

Here is a classic way to express the carelessness and fun aspects of your life when surrounded by your besties.

  1. Getting Ready

Photo Source: Dear Pearl Flowers

A shot that truly brings out the care, trust and comfort that friends bring into our lives.

  1. Got your Back

Photo Source: Wedding Forward

Another way to express the support of friends who have ‘got your back’ at all times.

  1. Wedding Bumps

Photo Source: Pinterest

Why should girls have all the fun??!! Here is an exciting capture of the craziness of the groom’s squad!

  1. Superheroes

Photo Source: Hoffer Photography

The only time when the boys could show their superhero skills, for a quirky capture in a group.

  1. The Crush

Photo Source: Buzzfeed

This twisted illusion can make the photo look quite innovative.

  1. Focus

Photo Source: Confetti Daydreams

A quirky shot that blurs the groom and groomsmen while the kid steals the limelight! 

  1. Messages

Photo Source: Huffington Post

Convey your connection through messages and express what makes your bond so special.

  1. Run-away

Photo Source: Leanne Pedersen Photographers

Celebrate with a run-away group shot with your friends.

  1. Romeo-Juliet

Photo Source: Huffington Post

The excitement of waiting to meet each other can be re-created by the magic of classic love stories in one shot.

Submitted by: Sana Iqbal

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